• Vol 31 / Issue 6
  • June 2016
  • Editor, Johnnie Brown

Next Meeting June 21

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The meeting will be at 6:30 pm at the University of Tennessee Space institute, room H111.


About The Program

June 21-- Matt Brothers – Video and discussion of a Craftsman Library Table




Membership Information

If you change phone number, email address, etc; please notify Chuck Taylor, membership chairman (931-728-7086 or taylor_cw@charter.net. This will allow the membership listing on the web site to reflect the current and up-to-date information of all our club members.

Two Great  Website about all types of wood

The Wood Database



  • Shop Tours


  • We had a great turnout for the turning shop tour on May 21 at Chuck Taylor's shop.12 to 14 people attended and had some great leanings to take with them and it worked well as a prelude to the turning bee in June. Pictures of the event are posted on the website. We will not be having tours thru the summer months and will start back in the fall when less is going on and school begins.


  • Welcome To Our Library

     The current custodian is Pete Miller and he can be reached via e:mail at quackers1034@blomand.net. If you have any questions concerning the process of getting a CD please drop him an e:mail.


    Club Picnic


     The TVWW picnic was a lot of fun! Although the weather turned quite chilly that afternoon, we had a good turnout. The food was delicious as usual, and everyone enjoyed a relaxing time of fellowship with friends. It's always wonderful to see spouses and families of our club friends. The auction netted the club around $600, which will be money well spent on club functions. All in all, it was a great afternoon in a most gorgeous place! Thanks to all who helped and participated!               


    Don’t forget to register and attend the
    2016 TVW Annual Turning Bee on June 25



    Turning Bee
    The Turning Bee is an event in which newer wood turners are paired with a mentor for a hands-on experience to get instruction and advice on how to turn a bowl. This event has spawned the careers of many TVW members in the wood turning skill.
    It is a great learning environment and even better fellowship with other club members.

    If you have not previously registered to attend the event, you need to contact Larry Wendland (contact information below) soon and get your name on the list. They need to know soon, in order to prepare enough bowl blanks for everyone.
    You are invited to attend this year’s event at Larry Wendland’s shop for some turning tutorial and some camaraderie with fellow woodworkers.
    Date: June 25, 2016
    Time: 8 AM until we’re done
    Location: 224 Dunk Blanton Road, Tullahoma TN, 37388
    Contact: Ph. (931) 563-7445 culets@gmail.com
    Unless you’ve already enrolled, please contact Larry to confirm your plan to attend.





    The carvers are continuing to meet twice a month on the first and third Saturday's of the month from 8:30 am to 10:30 am at at Jim Jolliffe's shop. The soaring eagle carving is nearing completion. I have attached a two photos of some of the completed pieces. Fish and birds seem to be popular topics.



    Everyone is invited to come and participate or just come to listen.

    Contact Ron Reimers @ 931-308-5196 or ronreimers@hotmail.com for additional information.


    Kenneth (Dale) Daniel  will sharpen TVW member blades. His location is 2007 Ovoca Road, Tullahoma.
    Phone – 931-455-5024, cell – 931-247-4753.

    Briggs in Manchester is no longer carrying the correct lacquer thinner for the dur-a-lac lacquer for mixing for finishes. They only have a cheaper thinner that is not the correct chemical mix. Builders Supply in Tullahoma is the only supplier handling both and they have 1 gallon cans all the time and can order the 5 gallon on a as needed basis
    .-- Jack Kincella


    If you are a recent new member or had requested a new name tag, a box of name tags will be available at the next meeting. In the  future, name tags will be made for new members and available for pickup at the next regular monthly meeting. Name tags for other  members will be made upon request only and will also be available for pickup at the next meeting. Please contact Chuck Taylor (931-728-7086 or email taylor_cw@charter.net) for information or name tags.


    May Show & Tell
    Tom Cowan Tom Cowan brought in pictures of a grandfather clock he had made from white oak, mahogany, and other woods with a beautiful pattern on the door, and pictures of a cellaret he had made.
    Doug Dunlap
    Doug Dunlap showed us a segmented lamp he had turned in the lathe made from 111 pieces of wood, the turned to show a beautiful pattern, made from oak and cherry, and finished with lacquer

    Ross Roepke brought in a box me made, with the lid being the main focus. It was made from a piece of wood from an antique pump organ, with a decoration pressed into the wood, made from walnut, and a box made from crown molding, with a fennel made by Doyle McConnell.
    Judy Bennett
    Judy Bennett brought in a intarsia she made of a wood spirit, made from one piece of wood. It had a lot of hand carved detail, and was made from poplar, and finished with Spar urethane.
    Gary Bennett

    Gary Bennett brought in several bowels he had turned while in Florida. One was a segmented bowl, made from cherry with a flat bottom, one was a flat bottomed bowl made from cedar, and one segmented bowl showed off a chain design, made from chestnut, maple and walnut, and all were finished with butcher block oil.
    John Hartin John Hartin brought in a bowl and a chalice he had turned to show us about the golden ratio.
    Greg Myers Greg Myers brought in a beautiful cross he cut out with his scroll saw. He used a pattern he found in a magazine, and was made from yellow heart and walnut woods.

    Jim Everett Jim Everett brought in 2 pieces of his intarsia work, both of which are military inspired. The first one depicts a older soldiers giving his old Army hat to a boy in front of a military monument, and the second is of a bald eagle frying in front of an American Flag.
    Bob Reese Bob Reese showed us his violin he crafted, using spruce wood for the top, which might be up to 300 years old. He thought at first it might have been red wood, but tests showed it to be spruce. It was made from several different types of including pine, cedar, and spruce, and finished with varnish. His wife Rheta then played us a beautiful tune on the violin.

    Chuck Taylor Chuck Taylor brought in several turned bowls and vases he had made. One 6-inch bowl was made from rosewood, one vase was made from Apple wood, and one was made from maple. They all were finished with varnish.
    Doyle McConnell Doyle McConnell brought in 2 pepper mills, both made from spalted maple and finished with lacquer.


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    If you have additional woodworking items for sale or are looking for woodworking items, please send information to Chuck Taylor at 931-728-7086 or email to taylor_cw@charter.net

    Shop Tip

      Real (and unreal) steel does the trick
    Ordinary sandpaper clogs quickly with gummy finish when buffing between coats, leaving erratic scratches and increasing sanding time. Instead, use steel wool or a synthetic substitute to achieve results similar to sandpaper but without clogging. Just remember that #00 steel wool generally yields similar results to 360-grit sandpaper, #000 equates to 400 grit, and #0000 equates to 600 grit. Because synthetic steel-wool pads are typically labeled with ambiguous designations such as “ultra fine,” “general purpose,” and “heavy duty,” drawing accurate comparisons to other abrasives is difficult. Try them on a test piece before using them on your workpiece
    Courtesy of Wood Magazine


    Work safely and don’t take unnecessary chances with your woodworking tools


    Always wear your safety glasses in the shop


    Want a good tip concerning your current project?

    Visit this web site for “tips for every situation”: http://www.woodworkingtips.com/etips/


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