• Vol 29 / Issue 12
  • December 2014
  • Editor, Chuck Taylor

Next Meeting December 16th      

The December meeting will be at 7:00 pm on the 16th at the University of Tennessee Space institute, room H111.

About The Program

Our December program is the annual “Giant Show & Tell”. This is your chance to bring those “special” items that you are so proud of and those “not so
special” learning experiences that may not have turned out exactly as you planned. This is the time for you to share your woodworking “adventures” with
the rest of the club. If you’re new to the Club or a visitor, here is how it works. Instead of a regular show and tell, in which several members bring
an item, we encourage EVERYONE to bring something to show. If you don’t have a current favorite project to share, bring an item from the past; maybe
the first thing you ever built or something you built years ago but that you really enjoyed doing. Or you could bring an interesting tool or something
someone gave you. You get the idea!

If, on the other hand, you’d just rather not bring something, that’s okay, too.
You can just come, enjoy the meeting, and join in the applause for those who did bring something to talk about.




  Welcome to Our New Members

(becoming members at the November meeting)

       Mike Addington

      Jeremy Anderson 

      Chris Beachy 

      Belinda Cagle 

       Jimmy Cagle

       Darren Earle 

       Gayle Ferraro 

        Bill Gentry 

       Norma Roepke 

       Vernon Scribner 

Be sure to meet all of our recent new members and welcome them to the club.



Photos from 2013 gathering --- We will replace with 2014 party news as soon as the happening.



Be making your plans to attend the annual TVW Christmas party on December 12th. The festivities will begin at 5 PM and the pot-luck dinner will be at 6
The party will be held at the Nazarene Church in Decherd. The address is 221 Cumberland Street.
Don’t forget to bring your favorite dish for the “pot-luck” dinner. Plan to come, enjoy the delicious food and have a good time with your fellow
Everyone is encouraged to bring a gift, preferably something you have made, to share at the evening’s gift drawing.
There will be additional information, including the time to gather, given at this month’s meeting.
Put it on your calendar, come on out and enjoy a great meal and great fellowship.


The nominating committee presented the slate of officers for the coming year at the November meeting and the officers were elected by acclimation. The new officers will begin their duties on January 1.
Thanks to the nominating committee for their diligent work in presenting the officers for next year.
The officers for next year are as follows:
President -------------------------- Paul Fulks
Vice-President -------------------- Pete Miller
Treasurer ------------------------ Paul Jalbert
Secretary ----------------------- Doug Dunlap
Publicity Chairman --------------- Phil Myers
Newsletter Editor ----------- Johnnie Brown
Membership Chairman ------- Chuck Taylor

This is another outstanding group of officers. They will need your help and support during the year. be willing to step up and help when they call on you for various tasks.


The executive committee presented proposed changes to the club by-laws to the membership at the November meeting. The membership will vote on the changes at the December meeting.

These changes reflect the way the club is currently operating and will streamline some of the officer duties and responsibilities. The proposed changes may be viewed on the club web site by clicking here .


Club dues are payable from November thought February of each year.

Henry asks that when you pay your dues you sign the “dues paid log” which he will have. He asks that you not hand him cash unless you have signed the log.

 If you have paid your dues in advance, your name is already on the “dues paid log”. You can check there if you are not sure if you have paid.
As a reminder we have a two-tier dues system. Dues for individual members are $10.00 and for family membership is $15.00. We define Family’s as your spouse and minor children.

If you don’t remember which membership you have ask Henry or if you decide to change your membership type please inform him.
Most of our members pay their dues on time and that is greatly appreciated. Those others are in danger of being purged from the membership list after the February meeting.

If you should decide not to renew your membership please contact Henry and let him know. That may save you a call, email or letter when it is time to purge the membership list.

For more details on purging the membership list see “Dues and Roster” in the PRACTICES section on our TVW website.
Any questions or comments you have about club dues, feel free to contact Henry either at the meetings or email or call him. hdavis37@charter.net or 393-3191. 



Mickey Knowles was the lucky winner of the $100 gift certificate to Craft Supplies. Everyone that participated in the demonstrations at the fair was
eligible for the drawing.






The club library will soon be open again. August Dobert has volunteered to take the position of librarian. Additional news and information will follow
at the next monthly meeting.








The cavers met the morning of December 6th at the shop of Jim Joliffe. There were five energetic carves in attendance. Those attending worked on individual projects and offered advice to others concerning their projects.

The carvers normally meet on the first Saturday of each month at 8:30 AM. Anyone interested in carving is welcome to attend these monthly meetings.


The “Cherokee Winds Flute Circle" will not meet in December. The regular meetings will begin again in January, 2015.

Everyone is invited to come and participate or just come to listen.

Contact Ron Reimers @ 931-308-5196 or ronreimers@hotmail.com for additional information.


The forum is still “alive and well”. You can get fast “expert” solutions to your woodworking problems and great advice. And, guess what? It is all “free” to club members.

Have a question ----- Need an answer?
Best place to get an answer --- Your own forum!!!

If you have not checked out the “forum happenings” lately, you are missing some great informational exchanges between club members. This is a service offered to all members of TVW.


Want to see what is planned for the remainder of the current year? Click here to see the events and dates of the TVW planned activities for the current year.




Kenneth (Dale) Daniel is back in business and will again sharpen TVW member blades. His location is 2007 Ovoca Road, Tullahoma. Phone – 931-455-5024, cell – 931-247-4753.





If you are a recent new member or had requested a new name tag, a box of name tags will be available at the next meeting. In the
future, name tags will be made for new members and available for pickup at the next regular monthly meeting. Name tags for other
members will be made upon request only and will also be available for pickup at the next meeting.

Please contact Chuck Taylor (931-728-7086 or email taylor_cw@charter.net) for information or name tags.


        November Show & Tell

    Jim Everett– brought a screen door layout that he is designing for a client. He also brought an intarsia turkey that he created from a photo of a live turkey, a pair of tall book ends for supporting magazines, and clock with a wooden hand saw.


     Bob Leonard – brought a bowl he recently turned and finished with Watco Butcher Block Oil. He turned the bowl blank at the TVW 2013 turning bee. He also brought a carved wooden bird that was made in Argentina.


   Karen Browning – brought a bowl that she started at the TVW 2014 turning bee and recently turned and finished with lacquer. When the bowl cracked, she filled the voids and decided to leave it thick.


     Dick Wollam – brought a carved white bird that was dropped and broken following the TVW Exhibition in Tullahoma. Gluing the head back on left unacceptable black lines on the white surface, so he completely stripped the piece and repainted it. It won a first place ribbon at the recent Huntsville show where it had come in third when it was entered there two years ago. He also brought a white heron that he carved from pine.


    Doyle McConnell – brought three ice cream scoops that he made using Craft Supplies hardware. He turned the handles from rosewood and decided that the oily wood needed no applied finish.

   Fred Heltsley – brought pictures of the Windsor chair he brought to the October meeting. The pics show two coats of barn red milk paint. He hopes to apply one more red, followed by two coats of black, multiple coats of penetrating oil, and a coat of paste wax in time for the December meeting.

   Greg Giesing – brought a bowl that he turned from Osage orange. The bowl would not stay round.


    Jim Acord – brought a magnetic pick-up stick that he made for his wife, a quilter. The stick was turned from walnut and cherry and a rare earth magnet was added to the business end.

   Chuck Taylor – brought a holly salad bowl that he recently turned from a blank he started in 2006. He also brought a “work in progress” pair of “Bob Reese” salad tongs.



   Greg Myers – brought two bowls that he turned from cherry.

    Reilly Earle – brought one of four wooden tongue drums made by he and his dad. He also brought a jewelry box made from cherry and ambrosia maple. Reilly cut and fitted the box joint corners and his dad cut the top tongue pattern on a band saw.

   Bob Stancil – brought a large bowl that he turned from what he thought was chestnut burl. The wood was so hard that the lathe tools made dust rather than shavings. 


  To view the "Links of Interest" on our web site, please click here.           


Click here to see the compiled list of items that are for sale by club members.

If you have additional woodworking items for sale or are looking for woodworking items, please send information to Chuck Taylor at 931-728-7086 or email to taylor_cw@charter.net .


Joint boards on a router table  ----



No jointer? No problem. Plastic laminate clamped to the outfeed side of your router-table fence works the same as the outfeed table on a jointer. Cut laminate to fit the left side of the fence; then sand a chamfer on the edge nearest the bit to avoid snagging your workpiece.

Use a straightedge to adjust the fence until the laminate is flush with the cutting edge of your installed flush-trim bit raised to cut the full width of the workpiece edge. Start the pass by pressing the workpiece against the right half of the fence; then slide it from right to left. As it clears the bit, shift pressure to your left hand to press the trimmed portion against the laminate to finish the cut, which trims about 1⁄16″ with each pass.

 ------ Compliments of Wood Magazine Shop Tips Website --------





Work safely and don’t take unnecessary chances with your woodworking tools.




Want a good tip concerning your current project?

Visit this web site for “tips for every situation”: http://www.woodworkingtips.com/etips/



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