Cameo project

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Cameo project

Postby loyd » Thu Jul 04, 2019 2:29 pm

Richard mentioned, in another thread, inlaying an object into the tops of a box. I had the notion that doing that would alleviate the issue of wood figure interfering with the art on the inlay so I tried it and wasn't very happy with the result. The robust figure of the wood still overcame the art of the inlay. At the time I figured that the inlay was just too small, but since that time, I've reconsidered and decided to go the other way and make the inlay small. This is the latest shot at that and I'm more pleased now with that. I'll discuss the inlay in a CNC post later, but for now here's a photo of the result.

cameo small fitted (Copy).png

I think the small inlay is better suited, at least in this box top, than the previous attempt. There's no getting around the figure in this red maple so working with or around it seems to be the only option.
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