Found on the Articles page of the website.

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Found on the Articles page of the website.

Postby loyd » Thu May 23, 2019 7:53 pm

(excerpted from the January 1987 issue of Splinters)

My typewriter hxs x problem. It hxs xbout xs mxny keys xs the woodworking club hxs members
Humor and Philosophy in the Splinters Newsletter Page 2 of 13
but one of the keys doesn’t join in with the rest. Since I don’t use the key very often I just keep
putting off getting it fixed. Thxt’s the wxy it is with the woodworking club too, sometimes it’s
just exsier to not join in xnd let the others do the show xnd tell xnd work on committees. I guess
if I xm ever going to get much good out of this typewriter I better get it fixed befxre xny xther
kxy stxrts tx fxil

It takes all of us pulling together to make the club a success. A hearty THANKS to everyone
from the outgoing officers. All members worked hard and made the first year of the Tennessee
Valley Woodworkers a great success. We now look forward to another grext year!!

Oh well!

You ought to check that Articles page out when you get a minute. This jewel is excerpted from "Humor and Philosophy in the Splinters Newsletter" an article on that page.
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