Numbers in the Subject line

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Numbers in the Subject line

Postby loyd » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:17 pm

I guess that folks think that something like a string of numbers in the Subject line of an email is sort of innocuous. What's that all about? Then they see a link below and get curious. BOOM. GOTCHA! No one would ever click that link would they [the latest one came fro Walmart or AARP -- must be OK right?]. It must work because it's coming in almost daily.

The other new phenomena is multiple emails all in a row from [who knows]. I got 17 in a row the other day followed by a legitimate one and then a few more. All advertising that "military grade flashlight". Makes one mad enough to reply and tell them to quit! GOTCHA! Just delete them and have a glass of tea.

We preach to not diddle with emails from sources you don't know. But that one came from my bank telling me they are freezing it. Really? I don't have an account with any of the several banks that sent these notices in the past few weeks. Just delete them we tell folks! If you're concerned, call your bank at the number on your account statement NOT THE ONE THE EMAIL TELLS YOU TO CALL! Again, it must work since they keep trying.

The devil made me post this. :oops:
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