Another whine

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Another whine

Postby loyd » Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:47 pm

I thought I'd whine a little just to get it off my chest [again!]. The monthly meeting was last night and we saw a pretty good, if small, Show and Tell. The program was also very interesting -- I don't intend to rush out to the shop and make a Moxen Vice, but Tony made several very good hints in the presentation. And therein lies my whine.

During Show and Tell the Intarsia lady bragged on advice she got from a member on how to get the walnut she was using for one part of her picture darker than that of the other pieces. Great hint! Don't you wish that was on the Finishing forum for all of us to know how she did it? I do. I know the member she credited with the darkening process, who by the way has many hints like that up his sleeve, but my policy is to
"not post other people's ideas and leaving it to them"

That's just one example, but there are hints aplenty that flow from Show and Tell [that's what it's all about after all] that belong in this forum for others to see and use. I wish that people would take the very few minutes to share them here.
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