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Postby loyd » Mon May 22, 2017 5:49 pm

They say that reflection can be good for the soul. I donno but some things just jump up and grab you. Many years ago I wrote an article for the website that came to my mind recently on a trip to visit my sister in Umatilla, Florida. She and her daughter moved from near Centerville, Tennessee a few years ago where my sister and her husband had built a post and beam house on 21 acres of Tennessee wooded hilltop. They cut the trees down themselves, milled all the lumber, and cut all those pesky joints incumbent to a post and beam structure. Sitting in her small bungalow in central Florida brought back the stimulus for that article. If you're interested look at http://www.tnvalleywoodclub.org/miscellaneous%20temp/Ponder%20Thrice.pdf and you'll see why my heart skipped a beat or two thinking of the contrast between my sister's change of residence.
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