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Show and Tell aka S&T

PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:37 am
by loyd
I have a hard time watching S&T at the monthly Club meetings watching people stand up and discuss their current [and sometimes old] projects without a feeling of loss. Almost every one of those discussions could have [should have] been put on the forums so we could get back to them and maybe get a better understanding of the discussion. One presenter shows and discusses how he/she had a problem and how it was solved. Another presenter shows a project and tells how it relates to a recent program or seminar. Another builds a project as a result of something learned from a seminar or program and shows it at S&T. All [ok, maybe not all] of that is material for a posting on the forum. Think about it.

Another thought: There are people with hearing difficulties or that can't hear ir see the item being discussed despite the fact that it's shown on the projection screen. We have a forum specifically for people who miss out on the discussion. It's called Show & Tell.

If only the regulars on this forum were to post a few of their S&T items there, it could begin a process.

Sorry if this sounds like a scolding. View it as a well intended plea.