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Postby loyd » Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:19 am

Recently, The emails with hints and suggestions for things to post on the Forum have increased in my inbox. That's not the way it's done folks. There is no intermediary for posting your ideas; you do it yourself. That's how forums work. It's a pretty efficient system when you think about it. If you send an email to an intermediary [me or anyone else for that matter] you're putting an unnecessary step in the process not to mention the burden you're assuming that someone else is willing to accept for you. :evil: :roll:

It's not difficult to post on this forum if you're a member of the Tennessee Valley Workers [aka TVWW]. If you haven't already done so, all you need to do is send an email to one of the moderators with a request to join and we'll take it from there. The active moderators are Richard Gulley, Chuck Taylor, and Loyd Ackerman. We require this step once in the process to ensure that the forum membership is limited to TVWW members or special friends of the Club.

If you're already a forum member and forgot your login credentials an email to a moderator will fix the problem pretty quick. Don't be ashamed; this happens often and the moderators are happy to accommodate because we're interested in your participation.

These forums are very helpful as witnessed by Rgulley [aka Richard] who was able to save a lot of hard earned cash by requesting help on the forum for a tool problem and getting some very specific help from forum members which led him to replace a starting capacitor and fixing the problem rather than purchasing a new motor. :D
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