Size of photos for uploading

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Size of photos for uploading

Postby loyd » Wed Sep 25, 2019 7:25 am

Pay attention to the size of your photos when uploading. Large photos will be rejected. To see how big the photo file is: Right click on the photo file and check its properties. Properties is at the bottom of the menu after you right click. If the file is over 500 KB you need to resize it to be smaller. Depending on your camera settings a photo may be 2 or 3 MB -- too large for this application. But you can resize it using the Paint application [it's in your Windows Accessories]. To resize the photo just right click on the file and choose Open With and then choose Paint. The photo will show up in Paint and you can resize it there. A 2 MB file could be resized to about 20% to get it to a decent showing in the Topic and permit it to be uploaded. After you've resized it, be sure to save it in the JPG format. You may need to experiment with this process to get what works best for you but it works.

There are also some on-line resizing programs available that may be easier to use, but Paint is available with your Windows package.
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