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    There are few rules for using the Forums:
    They’re pretty much what your parents told you. Be nice! Don’t say anything you would later wish you hadn’t! Keep it clean! Don’t say something here that you wouldn’t say face to face with others. Flaming someone is real easy on a forum but generally not a good idea. In addition, remember that you are the author of your comments and ultimately responsible for what you put there. You should avoid the use of content belonging to others. For example: The use of copyrighted materials without express permission of the owner is not permitted on the forums because it is against the law. If something you post is considered, in the sole judgment of the Moderator of the forum, to be offensive or illegal, the post will be removed without explanation. If a member is found guilty of repeated abuses, he/she will be banned from the forum.
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  • Your avatar
    To install your avatar, follow this path: User Control Panel > Profile tab > Edit avatar > Display Gallery > Pick your image > Press Submit
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  • Posting pictures
    Putting pictures with a Posting is pretty easy. Below any post be it a Reply or a New Topic is a tab named “Upload Attachments”.
    Click on that tab and you’ll see a “Browse” window.
    Click that and go find your photo (it’s on your computer).
    When you have the file name in the window next to Browse, click on “Add the file”.
    That will bring up the next action which allows you to “Place inline”. Before clicking that point to the place in the post you want the picture and click there.
    When you click “Place inline” a link will be placed in the post.
    Now just click “Submit”.
    One caution: Limit the size of your photo. If the file is too large, you’ll get a warning and the photo won’t post. I use 850 x 600 for photos since that’s a good viewing size for most monitors.
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