• Vol 31 / Issue 11
  • November 2016
  • Editor, Johnnie Brown

Next Meeting November 15


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The meeting will be at 6:30 pm at the University of Tennessee Space institute, room H111. (411 BH Goethert Parkway, Tullahoma, TN)


About The Program

November 15 - Eric Strotheide on making wooden toys... Just in time for Christmas



Membership Information


November is the time to pay your dues, Only $10 for single membership or $15 for a family membership.


If you change phone number, email address, etc; please notify Chuck Taylor, membership chairman (931-728-7086 or taylor_cw@charter.net. This will allow the membership listing on the web site to reflect the current and up-to-date information of all our club members.


Programs for 2017 ????

The Club has begun to source out some programs for 2017. I would like to have the folks respond at the November meeting for anything they would like to see. For January, I am working with John Hartin and Ross Roepke to get some of the folks from the charities they have worked with to give us a program on information on how we can be active in this community activity. I will have the info to share for the meeting. for February, we are open now a for March we will have Cindy Orr from Orr Décor in Winchester to give a demo and talk about painting and antiquing techniques for furniture and projects we do. – Jack Kincella

Tennessee Valley Woodworker's Website

The Club maintains a website, www.tnvalleywoodclug.org, which provides access to Club news between issues of Splinters and access to Forums exclusively for the use of TVW members. You are encouraged to use the website and its many functions. You’ll find there almost anything you need to know about the Club – past, present, and future – and it’s included in your membership privileges. There are only two places on the site where you’ll need a password to enter – the Club’s Member List and Forums. To get sighted up for those, send an email to ackerman1@charter.net and I’ll get you started.

Two Great  Website about all types of wood

The Wood Database




  • Fall Seminar

  • Tennessee Valley Woodworking Club FALL Seminar

  • Special thanks to Collins Roan for allowing the Club to use his excellent shop for the Tennessee Valley Woodworking Club FALL Seminar. The seminar was very informative and the presenters were our own Club members who are skilled in their work and their ability to teach was demonstrated by each of the presenters.
    Tom Cowan began the seminar with a presentation for turning furniture. Doyle McConnell followed with various turning techniques. After a brown bag lunch Larry Wendland demonstrated pen turning and finishing with CA glue. The last presentation was by Mickey Knowles who show us many different small articles that can be turned, including Christmas ornaments, tops, and other items.
    About 25 attended another successful Fall Seminar.

  • Club Tool Sale

  • Thanks to the Deckard Nazarene Church for allowing the Club to hold a giant tool sales. Various Club members brought in woodworking tools and setup tables for the display. Several items were sold mostly to other Club members.

  • Welcome To Our Library

     The current custodian is Pete Miller and he can be reached via e:mail at quackers1034@blomand.net. If you have any questions concerning the process of getting a CD please drop him an e:mail.

    Carvers Corner

    The carvers are continuing to meet twice a month on the first and third Saturday's of the month from 8:30 am to 10:30 am at at Jim Jolliffe's shop, located at Jolliffe Acres Lane, Tullahoma, TN.


    If you are a recent new member or had requested a new name tag, a box of name tags will be available at the next meeting. In the  future, name tags will be made for new members and available for pickup at the next regular monthly meeting. Name tags for other  members will be made upon request only and will also be available for pickup at the next meeting. Please contact Chuck Taylor (931-728-7086 or email taylor_cw@charter.net) for information or name tags.


    Doyle McConnell Doyle McConnell gave us an update on how the Rockets the club is making for the Children's Advocacy Group, and showed how the rockets will look when finished.
    Jim Everett Jim Everett brought in more of his intarsia work, with a piece from a door panel featuring the likeness of Jesus on it, and another piece from his lamp series, with this one featuring a dulcimer incorporated into it, one with a leopard shin print lamp shade on it.

    Jim Acord
    Jim Acord showed us the I Phone stands he made with the inspiration he got from Ross Roepke design. They were made from cherry and walnut woods, with a poly finish. He also brought in a special "pick up" stick he made for his wife, which incorporates a magnet in the end of it to pick up metal straight pins used in sewing that may have fallen on the floor. It was made from walnut, and finished with a wipe on poly finish.
    Brian Gordon Brian Gordon brought in a 4ft. Piece of scrap lumber he and his wife had made into an attractive Halloween decoration by painting a Scarecrow on one side and a ghost on the other side, which he finished with a brush on poly. He also had one painted with a Thanksgiving design on one side, and a Christmas design on the other, also finished with a brush on poly.

    Jim Jolliffe

    Jim Jolliffe brought in a beautifully carved American Indian bust he had carved at a class he had taken. It is approximately 16 inches tall, and featuring the aspects he had learned during the class. It was carved from a large piece of butternut wood.
    Ken Gould Ken Gould showed us another of his carved fish pieces, which he carved from a scrap piece of 2 x 6 lumber, transferring it into a elegantly carved fish, which he them mounted onto a piece of driftwood he had found along the shore of Tim's Ford Lake.


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    Click here to see the Exchange Opportunities

    If you have additional woodworking items for sale or are looking for woodworking items, please send information to Chuck Taylor at 931-728-7086 or email to taylor_cw@charter.net


    Kenneth (Dale) Daniel  will sharpen TVW member blades. His location is 2007 Ovoca Road, Tullahoma.
    Phone – 931-455-5024, cell – 931-247-4753.

    Shop Tip

      No-hook hangers for perforated hardboard
    Tool hooks seem to come off perforated hardboard as easily as the tools they hold, so I came up with a different solution. I epoxied 1⁄2″ rare-earth magnets to the heads of #10×1⁄2″ flathead screws. These thread easily by hand into typical 1⁄8″ perforated-hardboard holes. I use them to hold chisels, screwdrivers, squares, files, and wrenches.
    —Mark Thiel, Coral Springs, Fla.

    Courtesy of Wood Magazine


    Work safely and don’t take unnecessary chances with your woodworking tools


    Always wear your safety glasses in the shop


    Want a good tip concerning your current project?

    Visit this web site for “tips for every situation”: http://www.woodworkingtips.com/etips/


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