• Vol 30 / Issue 5
  • May 2015
  • Editor, Johnnie Brown

Next Meeting May19     

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The meeting will be at 6:30 pm at the University of Tennessee Space institute, room H111.

About The Program


Greg Giesing May 19 - Greg Giesing will discuss Atlantis Wood and discuss wood drying techniques.






Saturady June 6, 2015@Falls Mills, Belvidere, TN



New Members

(Becoming a member at the April meeting)

Be sure to meet and welcome new members to our Club


Jeremy Crowe Jeremy Crowe, Tullahoma


Jeremy Sellers Jeremy Sellers, Manchester



If you change phone number, email address, etc; please notify Chuck Taylor, membership chairman (931-728-7086 or taylor_cw@charter.net. This will allow the membership listing on the web site to reflect the current and up-to-date information of all our club members.


The American Chestnut is being reintroduced into the area. (Sewanee University)

American chestnut trees, once the mighty giants of the eastern forests, numbered in the billions. Before the accidental importation of the Asian fungus that caused the chestnut blight, the tree may have comprised 30% of the canopy on the Domain. The American chestnut was fast-growing and massive, reaching heights of 100 feet and diameters of five to six feet. A prolific producer of large nuts, the chestnut was a nutritional mainstay for humans as well as for forest animals.
By 1950 the fungus had killed an estimated four billion mature trees from Maine to Georgia. Cleck here for additional information. (You may have to modify your security setting)

     If you have media you would like to donate, or would like to reserve a certain video, contact August Dobert. His contact information is listed on the membership roster in the "Club Info" section.



    The carvers met May 2. There were 4 present, they had fun. One individual carved on a bark house. Another carved on some decorative things that goes on some furniture that is being restored. Ken Burgess worked on a butternut figure that a lady requested and Col. Jim worked on our club Eagle project. Hope to have more in attendance next meeting.

     We meet in Jim Jollifee’s shop at 201 Jollifee LN, Tullahoma. We regulary meet on the first Saturady of each month


    Everyone is invited to come and participate or just come to listen.

    Contact Ron Reimers @ 931-308-5196 or ronreimers@hotmail.com for additional information.



    Kenneth (Dale) Daniel is back in business and will again sharpen TVW member blades. His location is 2007 Ovoca Road, Tullahoma.
    Phone – 931-455-5024, cell – 931-247-4753.



    If you are a recent new member or had requested a new name tag, a box of name tags will be available at the next meeting. In the  future, name tags will be made for new members and available for pickup at the next regular monthly meeting. Name tags for other  members will be made upon request only and will also be available for pickup at the next meeting.

    Please contact Chuck Taylor (931-728-7086 or email taylor_cw@charter.net) for information or name tags.


            April Show & Tell

    Matt Brothers
    Matt Brothers - He made a 4 piece bedroom suite out of mahogany. A platform bed with 4 drawer handles, a dresser, and 2 end tables, using mortise and tendon joints with dovetail joints on the drawers. This was all finished with lacquer.
    Jim Everett Jim Everette - He used scrap woods to make an Intarsia eagle, mountain and trees, a panel with a saw, hammer and tape measure, and 2 dog pictures. He used polyethylene and Krylon finishes.
    Paul Jalbert Paul Jalbert - He made a large pine sign board for the Tims Ford State Park, with many fish on it. The 40 fish were carved by 55 carvers of all ages. It measured 42" x48" x 3/4" thick and was finished with a spray Spar Varnish.
    Ross Roepke Ross Roepke - He made a cedar box and a clock stand out of scrap wood. He finished them with Danish Oil.
    Doyle McConnel Doyle McConnell - he made a pepper mill out of "Ambrosia" maple with a lacquer finish and offered to help anyone to turn a similar one.
    Vince Zacardi  Vince Zacardi - He turned 2 cedar bowls, and then showed a glass electrical insulator and asked how to turn threads to fit inside it.
    John Duval  John Duval - he made a cone shaped tower using many segments of cedar scraps and a bowl out of maple and cherry segments. He used Waterlox to finish both of them
    Chuck Taylor Chuck Taylor - He made 2 cherry bowls and an apple bowl and finished them with gloss lacquer.
    Eric Strotheide  Eric Strotheide - He made a “Panel Truck" bank out of several pieces of walnut and poplar wood. He used polyethylene and Danish Oil finishes.
    Bob Addington Bob Addington - He made 3 cutting boards with his CNC machine along with some paint stir sticks. He also talked about his son's saw mill


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    If you have additional woodworking items for sale or are looking for woodworking items, please send information to Chuck Taylor at 931-728-7086 or email to taylor_cw@charter.net

    Shop Tip

    Skatebood grip     Get a totally gnarly grip on your boards
    Through my many years of reading WOOD® magazine, I’m still amazed at the uncommon ideas used to solve common problems in the shop. I recently had one when I helped my son overhaul his skateboard.
       Skateboard grip—the stuff ‘boarders put on top to make a non-slip surface—has an extremely strong self-adhesive backing with a grit-textured surface.
       I started using the grip on my push blocks, mitersaw fences, and other jigs and tools where I don’t want wood to creep during machining. It’s totally awesome!
       The grip comes in sheets or rolls and a variety of styles. You can even use bright colors to make your shop a little more “rad.” You’ll find it at any decent skateboard shop and some sporting-goods stores.
    —Robert Galbraith, Oshawa, Ont.


    Work safely and don’t take unnecessary chances with your woodworking tools


    Want a good tip concerning your current project?

    Visit this web site for “tips for every situation”: http://www.woodworkingtips.com/etips/


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