• Vol 27 / Issue 09
  • September 2012
  • Editor, Chuck Taylor

Next Meeting September 18th  

The September meeting will be at 7:00 pm on the 18th at the University of Tennessee Space institute, room H111.

About The Program

The September program will be presented by Jay Hazel, one of our club members. Jay’s topic will be “Stave Bowls”. He will discuss the basic
construction techniques that are used in making the bowl. Jay will also have samples of his work for viewing.
Come out and see how Jay makes these beautiful projects.
See you at our September meeting on the 18th.


Next Major TVW Events

  Sept. 17-22: Coffee County Fair, Chairperson – Doyle McConnell, Location – Manchester, TN Time - TBD

  Sept. 21 - 23: Polly Crocket Festival, Chairperson – Harry May, Location – Cowan, TN

October 13: A workshop entitled “Introduction to Segmented Vessels” presented by Loyd Ackerman. The workshop
will be held at UTSI room H111 (our usual meeting place). Additional information at the next meeting.

Get all the information concerning the above events at the next TVW club meeting.

  Welcome to Our New Member

  (joining at the August meeting)


   Reilly Earle --------------- Decherd

Be sure to meet all of our new members and welcome them to the club.



  The annual UTSI Employee Picnic is scheduled for September 21st. In the past, club members have donated items to be used as door prizes. It is a great help to UTSI and provide the club extra exposure. If you are interested in helping with this activity, start getting your items ready. The collection date for the donated items is September 18, our next regular meeting date.
This is a great way to thank UTSI for allowing us to use the facilities during our monthly meetings.  



The Coffee County Fair demonstrations will be ongoing during September 17 – 22. Efforts are being made increase the attendance at this
activity. The demonstration schedule will be discussed at the next TVW meeting. If you would like to help and have not signed up already,
contact Doyle McConnell.



The Annual Polly Crocket Festival is scheduled for Sept. 21 – 23. The location is Cowan, TN. The event contact is Harry May. Additional
information will be given at the next club meeting.


 The fall seminar, originally scheduled for October, has been postponed until the spring of 2013. 




The carvers met on September 1st at the shop of Phil Bishop. Their major work activity at this meeting was devoted to the new “Totem Pole”
project. Some also worked on individual items.
Plans were also discussed concerning future activities.
The carvers normally meet on the first Saturday of each month and work on individual or group projects. Everyone is welcome to “join in”.


  The next flute circle meeting will be on Tuesday, September 25th at 1 PM. They will be meeting at Tom Cowan’s Artisan Studio in Cowan.


 The Cumberland Furniture Guild is currently holding a juried exhibition, “Inspirations & Origins”, at the Customs House Museum & Cultural
Center in Clarksville, Tennessee. This is important to the club because one of our members, Tom Cowan, has a piece of furniture in this
prestigious show. He has a desk that was selected to be a part of the exhibition, which runs through October 28.
Congratulations, Tom. 


The club is experimenting with a plan to insure the membership is notified when other club members have woodworking tools and equipment for
If you have equipment for sale, please continue posting the items on the forum under “Exchanging Stuff”.
Also, send the information to tv-w@live.com . A list will be compiled and listed on the web site. An email blast will also be sent
periodically to the club membership. To view the current list, click here.


  As requested by the members, there will be a workshop entitled “Introduction to Segmented Vessels” presented by Loyd Ackerman. The workshop
will be held on Saturday, October 13 at UTSI room H111 (our usual meeting place). The time will be from 8:30 AM to 12:30 noon. This will be
a hands-on workshop covering the steps in design through cut list for creating a Segmented Vessel. A thorough discussion and video
demonstrations will show participants how to cut the segments, make the rings, and assemble and turn the vessel so participants will leave
ready to go to their shop to create their first masterpiece. Anyone interested in attending the workshop should notify Loyd Ackerman to be
included in the attendance roster. Participants will be asked to bring some basic supplies (quad ruled paper, pencils, erasers, calculator,
12” rule) for their hands on activities.



It is now officially “Shop Tour” season. Clean up your shop because your shop may be on the next tour. Thanks to Doyle for coordinating this enjoyable activity. The best thing about the tours is the fact that everyone always picks up some ideas to apply in their own shop.

If you want to be on the tour list, contact Doyle.


Don't forget to take advantage of the forum. Instead of just “viewing” the forum, you can ask questions or answer questions. It is a great way to swap ideas and learn new tricks of the trade. You will be able to share your ideas and experiences with other members through the


The club library is a great way to learn new techniques and brush up on old ones. Henry has the library “open” at each regular meeting.
Please remember that you can now view some of the club DVDs on line. Go to the library listing on our club website and click on the
underlined titles.
Thank you, Henry, for providing this service to the membership.
For a complete list of all items in the Digital Library, see Henry Davis at club meetings, email him at hdavis37@charter.net or call him at 393-3191 and leave a message.