• Vol 26 / Issue 10
  • October 2011
  • Editor, Chuck Taylor

Next Meeting October 18th

The October meeting will be at 7:00 pm on the 18th at the University of Tennessee Space institute, room H111.

About The Program

The October program will be presented by Steve Shores. He will be discussing the process/procedure that he uses in the making of his unique ornaments. These items make great Christmas gifts. Come out and see how he does it and it might give you some ideas for your Christmas list.
Looking forward to seeing you at the October 18th meeting.


More information will be available on these events at the next monthly meeting.

Welcome to Our New Member

(becoming a member at the September meeting)

Be sure to meet all of our new members and welcome them to the club.

Sylvia Garner   ............... Normandy




We are sorry to inform you that Jim Steadman, one of our members, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He will have surgery at Vanderbilt on the 18th.



Be making plans to attend the TVW Fall Seminar. The date is October 22 at Cowan Artisans, Cowan, TN. This seminar promises to be one of the best in recent TVW history. The seminar cost is only $45, which includes a catered lunch and is open to the first 40 people registering. Registration forms were handed out at the last club meeting. Additional information will be available at the next TVW meeting. If you would like to see the presenters, their topics and times, please click here .


The TVW provided activities in the Morton Village at the Coffee County Fair. The group had woodworking items on display, made and gave away tops and conducted a workshop. The “Christmas Ornament” workshop was presented by Tom Cowan. Thanks to everyone that helped in the week’s activities.



The carvers met on October 1st at Phil Bishop’s shop. Those attending worked on individual projects and shared information within the group. They also explained their projects to the “Shop Tour” group that came by.

The carvers participated in the Polly Crocket Festival in Cowan. Plans are coming together for the Web School Art and Craft Festival on October 15 – 16 in Bell Buckle.
The carvers normally meet on the first Saturday of each month and work on individual or group projects.


Several club members are participating in the woodworking display at the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center during the month of October. A reception was held on the 8th to meet the displaying artists. Thanks to all the members displaying items and supporting the Fine Arts Center. Go to the gallery to see all the photos.



A “Shop Tour” was held on October 1. About 35 eager woodworkers showed to have breakfast together before the tour. The first stop on the tour was the shop of Phil Bishop. The group got to see the carvers at their regular monthly meeting. The next tour stop was at Ray Cole’s shop. Ray demonstrated some of his specialized equipment. The shop tours are always a way to pick up some ideas for your own shop. Thanks to Phil and Ray for opening their shops to the club.


The Forum is now functioning smoothly with lots of activity and really great information being passed between members. You can help keep it this way. Here is a request to those registering on the Forum.
To minimize our exposure to spam and hackers on the forum, we’re limiting registration to TVW members and a few invited guest. To help us with this when registering for the forum, be sure to use the email address you have in the TVW on-line member list so we'll know it's you and activate your membership in the forum. If you wish to use another email address, send an email to one of the team members so we'll know it's OK to activate you.


Don’t forget about the great resource of information in our library. New items are being added all the time. Take a look at the list of topics at the next meeting.
Please remember that you can now view some of the club DVDs on line. Go to the library listing on our club website and click on the underlined titles.
For a complete list of all items in the Digital Library, see Henry Davis at club meetings, email him at hdavis37@charter.net or call him at 393-3191 and leave a message.


The nominating committee will present a slate of officers for 2012 at the October meeting. You will have the opportunity to nominate from the floor, but, you must have permission of the person you are nominating. The officer election will be conducted at the November meeting.



  Vince Zaccardi – showed photos of an entertainment center from white oak and book case built into closet with white oak on one side and painted poplar on the other.

  Joe Kuhn – discussed a Router table built into table saw top with special tooling and how he uses a new fence.

  Loyd Ackerman – showed and discussed the “adventure” he is facing, leveling a five foot square table top of 1 ½” walnut. Loyd also showed a maple vase from scrap pile of Tom Cowan. He presented toe vase to Tom.

  Tony Murphy – displayed a bit storage cabinet and work bench cabinet for his shop in progress.

  Henry Davis – discussed a natural edge maple bowl from burn pile and a cherry bowl.


  Larry Bowers – brought a cherry bowl from 2010 turning bee.

  Gary Runyon – displayed two carving knives with exotic wood and special tool steel.

  Jim Van Cleave – discussed a Mallet displayed with inlays mounted in case fashioned with stylized church steeple. The item will be displayed in church vestibule

  Ross Roepke – talked about a jig for sharpening planer blades on radial arm saw, honing jig for planer blades, and small table from curly maple with cherry sculpted legs.


 Allen Odell - brought a maple bookshelf, made for a grand-daughter.


Kevin Deuermeyer – discussed a table from barrel staves with laser engraving.


 Jim Everett – Front entry piece with detailed carvings on each end (intarsia and carving).


Bob Addington – brought a maple and cherry magazine rack made with CNC “engraving” and finished with polyurethane.


Anthony Watts – displayed a Windsor settee for his wife. The settee was four feet long with intricate joinery. Wood is white oak, sugar maple, and poplar and finished with milk paint.



  To view the "Link of Interest" on our web site, please click here.           



If you have woodworking items for sale or are looking for woodworking items, please send information to Chuck Taylor at 931-728-7086 or email to taylorcw@bellsouth.net .


Plastic Runners         

Many of the jigs you use on your table saw and band saw have a runner that slides in the miter gauge slot.

Every season the humidity in the shop changes and the wood changes with it. One of the first places you will notice this is when pushing a shop-built jig across the table saw. The runners are made to fit fairly tight for accuracy. But when the wood swells or shrinks with changes in humidity, the fit becomes too tight or too loose in the slot.

Why not try a plastic runner. The nice thing about a plastic runner (like the one shown in the upper photo) is it won't swell or shrink with changes in humidity, so it will always slide smoothly without binding or slop.

Try it and you might like it!!
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