• Vol 26 / Issue 04
  • April 2011
  • Editor, Chuck Taylor

Next Meeting April 19th

The April meeting will be at 7:00 pm on the 19th at the University of Tennessee Space institute, room H111.

About The Program

Our April program will be presented by Debra Crane and her topic will be the “Art of Scroll Sawing”. Debra is currently an employee of the Woodcraft store in Franklin. She is a retired software developer who has been woodworking off and on for the past 20 years. When she bought her first scroll saw in 2001, she knew she had found her real delight: making gifts that are beautiful and functional. She especially likes projects that cultivate her skills in scrolling, carving, pyrography and intarsia.
Be sure to attend the April 19th meeting and see what Debra has in store for you!!



Welcome to Our New Members

Eric & Shirley Saunders............Manchester

(becoming members at the March meeting)

  Shirley Saunders
   Eric Saunders

Be sure to meet our new members and welcome them to the club.

TVW News and Notes   

Spring Seminar is coming up

The Spring Seminar is fast approaching. It is scheduled for April 16 and will be held at Paul Fulks’ shop. See the "announcements" section above for all the details.

Gilding Workshop

Tom Cowan hosted a “Gilding” workshop on April 2 at his gallery in Cowan. The workshop activities were led by Scott Tinker from the Woodcraft store in Chattanooga. Each of the attendees had the opportunity for “hand- on” experience. The 8 hour workshop proved to be a very interesting and informative activity.

Carver's Corner


The carvers are meeting extra times to prepare for the Cornbread Festival. They are getting as much as possible done on the "creation" of another totem pole. This is the project they will be working on at the Festival.

The carvers normally meet on the first Saturday of each month.



Please remember that you can now view some of the club DVDs on line. Go to the library listing on our club website and click on the underlined titles.
Just a reminder, if you have a library selection out, it is due to be returned at the next meeting.
Your donation of original woodworking DVDs, CD and VHS tapes are always appreciated. Remember we can't accept copied media.
For a complete list of all items in the Digital Library, see Henry Davis at club meetings, email him at hdavis37@charter.net or call him at 393-3191 and leave a message.


March Show and Tell       


 Loyd Ackerman showed pictures of a “donor plaque” he had constructed for the Manchester Arts Center. The plaque will be used to honor those who have contributed to the development of this venue.

 Geoff Roehm played a Ukulele which he had made using woods of mahogany and ebony.

 Doyle McConnell displayed two vases he had turned from Red Maple. The vases were finished with lacquer.

  Bob Addington displayed some of his efforts in learning to use his new CNC Router and associated software. He discussed a 3-D carving he had made for his granddaughter.

  Ross Roepke brought two interesting wooden birds he had bought at a yard sale.


  Bob Reese brought two violins he had just finished. The first one he showed was started last July and embellished by Harry Kellogg of Bell Buckle with India ink applied over varnish prior to Bob’s final clear coat finish. The second one is #33, which incorporated a Lion’s head, carved by a friend from Florida. His wife, Rheta, demonstrated the beautiful sound of these instruments. Bob has been making violins for 21 years.

  Jim Everett brought an intarsia plaque which he had made as a gift. The wood used was retrieved from a barn which he had torn down for the recipient. It depicted the barn and was to be finished prior to presentation.

 Scott Short showed a plate that he had hand carved for a 90th birthday celebration. It was made of cherry and finished with lacquer and measured 11 ½” in diameter.

 Allen Odell brought a 3-dog sled that his daughter used in years past for racing. He also showed his carved Halibut lures made from alder and deer bone.


  Richard Gulley displayed an interesting bird house which is to be attached to his shop. It was made of cedar and depicted a hand plane.


 Ralph Hand shared his knowledge of making pulls/knobs without the use of a lathe. His creations were made with a hole-saw and drill press.

Links of Interest

  To view the "Link of Interest" on our web site, please click here.           


For Sale/Trade/Give Away

If you have woodworking items for sale or are looking for woodworking items, please send information to Chuck Taylor at 931-728-7086 or email to taylorcw@bellsouth.net .

Shop  Tip

--Bore vertical holes with scrap stock jig--

Here's a quick-fix jig that will come in handy the next time you need to bore a vertical hole in the end of a long workpiece. To make the clamp block, laminate two 2X4s, one 9" long and the other 17" long, as shown in the drawing below. Then, joint the sides that face the workpiece and the drill-press table to achieve a perfect 90° angle. Next, joint the edges and faces of the 1-1/2x2x10" fence to perfect 90° angles. Use a framing square to align the two pieces at 90°. Then, fasten the fence to the clamp block with glue and four #8x2-1/2" flathead wood screws, and adhere a piece of 150-grit sandpaper to the clamp block as shown. Now, clamp the jig to the drill-press table, clamp the workpiece to the jig, and you're ready to bore your hole.


TVW Supporters

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