Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
   Vol. 21/ Issue 3              March 2006                Editor: Chuck Taylor 

Meeting Notice:
The next meeting of the TN Valley Woodworkers
Will be held, March 21st at 7:00 p.m. in the
 Duck River Electric Building, Decherd, TN
All interested woodworkers are invited!

Please remember, in your thoughts and prayers, all our Troops around the world and those on the way home.

The following people have agreed to serve as contacts for their particular skills.  If you have questions, suggestions for activities, or other comments relating to these skills, please call these folks.  Their interest is to help the club better serve their area of expertise.  Your participation with them will help them achieve that goal.

              Design:        Tom Cowan    967-4835                            Finishing:      Phil Bishop          967-4626
              Turning:        Tom Church   967-4460                            Carving:        Harry May           962-0215
              Sharpening:    Bob Reese     728-7974                             Joinery:        Ross Roepke       455-9140
Maurice Ryan  962-1555   Health and Safety

List of Club Officers

                                                                           President:              Loyd Ackerman
                                                                           V. President:         Tom Cowan
                                                                           Secretary:          Bob Lowrance
                                                                           Treasurer:          Henry Davis
                                                                           Publicity:          Larry Bowers
                                                                           Newsletter Editor: Chuck Taylor
                                                                           Web-Master:        Richard Gulley


The March program will be presented by Henry Davis, concerning the construction and finishing of a display table. His program will cover details of the process from material selection to finishing the project. He will have some slides and also will discuss the table and it's component parts during the construction phase.



In an effort to better serve the club members, the TVW Web site is being modified. The following changes will be implemented:

Dogwood Festival: April 7 – 9. Chairperson - Ken Gould
Picnic: Saturday, May 20. Chairperson - Karen Kerce
Shop Tours: March 25. Contact - Doyle McConnell
Spring Seminar: Saturday, June 17. Chairpersons - Andy Weaver and Dean Lutz
Coffee County Fair: September 18 – 23. Chairperson - Doyle McConnell
Fall Seminar: October (TBD) Chairperson - Matt Brothers
Annual Holiday Party: Friday, December 8. Chairperson - TBD


The Club will have a drawing for the Router donated by Wayne Sutter of Woodline. The drawing will be held at the Club's picnic on May 20th. Tickets will be on sale at each Club meeting between now and the picnic and will be on sale at the picnic up until the drawing. Larry Bowers will be the Ticket master again for this event. Tickets will cost $2 each or 3 for $5. This is an excellent prize.  Be sure to participate in this Club fundraiser, and be sure to support Woodline for sponsoring this event.
Loyd Ackerman – TVW President

(Becoming members at our February meeting)

Ken Burgess, Manchester
Gary and Sandy Penwell, Manchester

NOTE – The current club roster includes a total of 154 members.


Just a short reminder that if you have not paid your 2006 dues it's time to pay them.  Our Treasurer reports that over 60% of our members have paid their dues.  If you cannot make the meetings and want to mail your dues, sent them to Henry Davis, 247 Delight Lane, Tullahoma, Tn.  37388.  The dues are still $10.00 for single memberships and $15.00 for family memberships.


We still have club business cards available. For those who have not heard about our cards they are free to members and contain information about the club.  The cards are designed so you can sign your name if you choose.   See Henry Davis if you want a supply of cards or need to get some more.


We strive to always keep the club membership roster up to date. If you have changes to your home address, phone number or email address please let us know so we can update our membership list.  Contact Henry Davis at 931-393-3191 or hdavis@cafes.net


Tennessee Crossroads will feature the wooden toy collection of Crocia Roberson, possibly sometime in April.  The exact date is not yet known.

Tennessee Crossroads may be seen on PBS Channel 8 on Thursday evening at 7:00. The featured program is repeated again on Sunday morning.

(Set your circle cutter without calculating)

I used to dread using my adjustable circle cutter: I had to figure the radius of the circle (halving odd diameters like 3-7/16" brought out the calculator), then fuss with a ruler, the pilot bit, and cutter to set that radius. It was a pain in the neck and required a lot of tweaking.
To eliminate the headaches, I devised the simple fixture, shown in the illustration at the bottom of the page, with a half-scale ruler built right in. After drawing the half-scale on my CAD system, I printed it (you can use the full-size pattern shown below) and had it laminated at an office-supply store. Then, I attached it to the jig with double-faced tape.

If I need a 3-7/16" circle, I simply insert the pilot bit into the 1/4" hole in the riser block, extend the cutter to the 3-7/16" mark on the half-scale, and lock it in. When I’m done, the cutter and its hex-head wrench store in the jig as shown below.
--From the WOOD® magazine Shop



Ross Roepke:A Saturday table, step stool, cedar bench, and table with cedar inlay.

Bob Lowrance: Five characters started at a carving school at Lebanon. The carvings were of great detail, both front and back.

Billy May: A detailed mahogany relief carving of Jack Daniels workers.

Ken Burgess: A carving of Madonna from white cedar.

Doyle McConnell: A bowl of Baltic birch plywood (fruit-loop design finish).

Greg Seiber: A butternut hollow vessel and a segmented bowl, made from walnut, cherry and maple.

Bill Davis: Three small maple bowls and a turned box of hedge wood

Jim Van Cleave: A Sugar pine relief carving of a tulip mounted on sassafras backing.

Karen Kerce: A red maple natural edge bowl and a spalted maple bowl.

Dave Whyte: Two band saw boxes mounted on a base.

Felix Rees: Potpourri box, which he used to justify a new band saw and other boxes of ¾, ½ and ¼ scale.

Larry Halbeck: A captain’s chair and a regular chair, part of a dining set that included a total of ten chairs.

Loyd Ackerman: A “Van Cleave” period hall table with maple inlays and a corner shelf.


As most of you know the Club now has two “splinter” groups. We have the “Splinter Pickers”.   Sometimes called the “Front Porch Pickers” during the Fair and now we have the “Splinter Carvers”.

I had a delightful visit with the Splinter Carver’s at their monthly February meeting. I didn’t go to carve, just to visit.  I have tried my hand at carving and just don’t seem to have a knack for it and besides I usually end up wearing Band-Aids for the next week. I never did get anyone to admit to being the leader of the group, but since they were meeting a Phil Bishop’s shop I assumed he was the head Splinter, at least for that meeting.

As the Gang arrived and said their hellos each found a good spot to spread their various knives and gouges etc.  Not having carving to keep me busy I visited everyone to see what they were doing.  Wow !  What a diversity of projects and equipment.  Some were helping or advising others and every one seem interested in helping out those that needed a little help.
The buzz at the meeting was that the Dogwood Festival Committee had given their “OK” for the Carvers to carver the Dogwood Festival Logo. And in fact, might even be interested in purchasing them.

Billy May brought an interesting project, a Butter Nut log about twelve feet long from which he said he planned to carve a totem pole. I assumed it would be a joint project the Splinter Carver’s would undertake.   There wasn’t any carving on the Totem that night as the biggest project was getting the log off the truck. We will be looking forward to watching the totem being cut from the log.

If you ever had any desire to learn to carve, this may be the best opportunity you will ever have.  Not only will you be tutored by some master carvers, but also it’s FREE! As a bonus you might even get to try your hand at carving a totem. Even if you don’t carve, pay these meetings a visit. You will be welcomed.

Submitted by: Henry Davis




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See you on the 21st.

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