Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
Vol. 20/ Issue11              November 2005                Editor: Tom Gillard Jr. 

Meeting Notice:
The next meeting of the TN Valley Woodworkers
Will be held, November 15th at 7:00 p.m. in the
 Duck River Electric Building, Decherd, TN
All interested woodworkers are invited!

Please remember, in your thoughts and prayers, all our Troops around the world and those on the way home.

The following people have agreed to serve as contacts for their particular skills.  If you have questions, suggestions for activities, or other comments relating to these skills, please call these folks.  Their interest is to help the club better serve their area of expertise.  Your participation with them will help them achieve that goal.
Design:        Tom Cowan    967-4835                            Finishing:       Phil Bishop          967-4626
Turning:        Tom Church   967-4460                            Carving:        Harry May           962-0215
Sharpening:    Bob Reese   728-7974                              Joinery:        Ross Roepke       455-9140
Maurice Ryan  962-1555   Health and Safety
List of Club Officers

President:       Loyd Ackerman
V. President:       Tom Cowan
Secretary:          Chuck Taylor
Treasurer:          Henry Davis
Publicity:          Larry Bowers
Newsletter Editor: Tom Gillard Jr.
Web-Master:  Richard Gulley

Calendar of Events

December 9th: Holiday Party / 20th: Anniversary celebration at American Legion in Tullahoma.

  From the Pres:

  The TVW Holiday and Anniversary Celebration dinner at the American Legion in Tullahoma is closing in fast.  The Dinner will be Friday, December 9, at 5:30 PM.  We'll eat at about 6:00 PM.  As you know by now, we need ADVANCE reservations for this event so that the American Legion can provide the right amount of seating and food for us.  We are asking you to register and tell us your selection of entree (steak or chicken) by the November meeting.  The cost to you of the event will be $15 for each attendee regardless of entree.  The Club treasury will pay the balance.
  The American Legion Hall is located at 1816 North Washington Street in Tullahoma.  The attire will be informal.  A pianist, Wendel Hartman, will play piano for our entertainment.  We’ll have our usual drawing.  Everyone is encouraged to bring something he/she made so that everyone present will leave with something another woodworker has made.  The grand door prizes will be awarded by drawing from the signup sheets circulated at the meetings during the year.  The door prizes this year are two $150 gift certificates from Woodcraft of Franklin, TN.    Forms are available on the Club's website and will be available at the November meeting.

If you won't be at the November meeting please send your check and selection of entree to Henry Davis at: 247 Delight Ln, Tullahoma TN 37388 as soon as you can.



The nominating committee consisted of Henry Davis (chairman), Matt Brothers and Chuck Taylor. The chairman gave the committee report, recommending the following officers for 2006:

President: Loyd Ackerman

Vice-Chairman: Tom Cowan

Secretary: Bob Lowrance

Treasurer: Henry Davis

Publicity: Larry Bowers

Newsletter Editor: Chuck Taylor
The election of officers will be next month (November). There will be an opportunity for additional nominations from the floor before the elections

Shop Tip of the Day
Raise your clamps to be sure

When gluing up panels, I like to remove the glue squeeze-out before it sets. But pipe clamps laid flat on my assembly bench left me no room to clean the underside of the joints. So I found a way to take my panel-making to a higher level.

I made a pair of clamp-holding supports, as shown above, that raise the panels nearly a foot above the bench. Each upright can be positioned individually along the horizontal rails to accommodate different-size panels by simply removing the wing nut and carriage bolt.

Besides giving me more space for cleanup, the supports let me inspect both the top and bottom of each joint without flipping the assembly. And, if I find the need to add panel-flattening cauls across the joints, it's easy to attach them with C-clamps or handscrew clamps.

--From the WOOD® magazine shop


Maurice Ryan brought pictures of a pumpkin, carved from cedar and a cedar chair. Also, he showed pictures of very detailed carvings from a church in Texas, where he had recently visited.

Tom Gillard brought an inlet wing sample, made during the final manufacturing phase of his recent project. Everything else was too large to bring.

Tom Cowan displayed a “collection plate” that he had carved raised shapes around the upper edge of the turning. The finish was oil, walnut stain and lacquer.

Henry Davis brought a doll bed he made for a granddaughter. He showed a video slide of the doll bed, from which he got the design.

David Whyte brought a small wagon that he had repaired and replaced all the wood. He also brought four “Band saw” boxes that he had just finished. 12 34

Jim Acord displayed an Apothecary chest he had made for tools. The chest was made from sugar pine and finished with water-based polyurethane. The chest turned out so well his wife wanted it in the house and Jim had to get some plastic bins for his tools.

Jim Roy brought two bowls that he had turned. One was maple and the other was ash. He recommended a woodturning book for beginners, which had been of great help to him

Submitted by Henry Davis
Some times we make our projects from  material that has special meaning to us.   I have a bowl that I turned from a piece that I feel is special.    A few years ago Tom Gillard gave me a piece of a limb from a tree that was cut when they widened highway 64 in the Belvidere area.   I'm not sure how he obtained it.   After doing some research and talking with Don Shadow and others in the Belvidere community I found out a little about the tree the limb came from.   This is the story as I know it, if anyone had anything to add please let me know.
The tree was an Atlas Cedar  grown from a seedling planted at the Southern Nursery in south Franklin County near Belvidere.  Southern Nursery no longer exists and all or part of it may now be Shadow Nursery. This information provided by Don Swadow, Shadow Nursery.   Following is from the research I did on Atlas Cedars.
 Cedar, Atlas   (  Cedrus atlantica )
The Atlas Cedar is a large graceful evergreen tree native to Africa and Asia. The tree was named for the Atlas Mountains in northern Africa.
The Atlas Cedar was introduced into this country in 1845 and is a prized specimen tree, however it has not been very successful as a forestry product. This tree, along with the Deodar Cedar and Cedar of Lebanon are true cedars. Trees such as the Redcedar, which is really a member of the Juniper family, and the Western Redcedar, which is really an Arborvitae, are commonly thought of as Cedars because of their appearance and aromatic wood.


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