Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
   Vol. 20/ Issue 8              August 2005                Editor: Tom Gillard Jr. 

Meeting Notice:
The next meeting of the TN Valley Woodworkers
Will be held, August 16th at 7:00 p.m. in the
 Duck River Electric Building, Decherd, TN
All interested woodworkers are invited!

Please remember, in your thoughts and prayers, all our Troops around the world and those on the way home.

The following people have agreed to serve as contacts for their particular skills.  If you have questions, suggestions for activities, or other comments relating to these skills, please call these folks.  Their interest is to help the club better serve their area of expertise.  Your participation with them will help them achieve that goal.
                                Design:        Tom Cowan    967-4835                            Finishing:       Phil Bishop          967-4626
                                Turning:        Tom Church   967-4460                            Carving:        Harry May           962-0215
                                Sharpening:    Bob Reese   728-7974                              Joinery:        Ross Roepke       455-9140
Maurice Ryan  962-1555   Health and Safety

List of Club Officers

                                                                                                President:          Loyd Ackerman
                                                                                                V. President:       Tom Cowan
                                                                                                Secretary:          Chuck Taylor
                                                                                                Treasurer:          Henry Davis
                                                                                                 Publicity:          Larry Bowers
                                                                                                 Newsletter Editor: Tom Gillard Jr.
                                                                                                Web-Master:  Richard Gulley
Calendar of Events:

September 19: CC Fair ––  Manchester

October:  Fall Seminar –– Put October 8 on your calendar for the TVW Fall Workshop.   Andy Rae, author and nationally known lecturer on woodworking topics, will be presenting a program on "Furniture Making".   Andy will cover a range of topics related to the making of furniture.  The seminar will be held in the annex building of the Church of Christ at Forrest Mill.  See co-chairmen David Jacobs or Matt Brothers, or stay tuned, for details.

December 9th:: Holiday Party / 20th: Anniversary celebration at American Legion in Tullahoma.

The drawing for the Delta bench top drill will be held at the August meeting. Tickets are currently on sale for $1 each.

Fall Seminar: Matt Brothers reminded everyone of the fall Seminar on furniture making. The seminar is set for October 8th at the Forrest Mills church activity building, with Andy Ray as the presenter. The event is scheduled to start at 8:00am and finish around 4:00 pm. The cost will be $40 if you prepay by October 4. The cost at the door will be $45.

Henry Davis presented a slide show of the club’s audiovisual equipment. He gave a general explanation of the equipment purchased this year and discussed the intended use of the equipment. He also showed the various stages of construction of the “equipment box”, used to house the equipment. Henry stated that training sessions are being planned concerning the operation/use of the club equipment.

Bob Leonard brought and discussed a piece of a Post Oak tree that he estimated to be 300 years old. The tree, which was 32 inches in diameter, was cut from AEDC property.

Ross Roepke brought the spalted maple veneer that he made during the latest shop tours. He also showed a piece of mahogany veneer that he glued to a backing board.

Ken Gould brought a small frog carving. He also brought some “segmented” trash cart wheels. He discussed the restoration work he had done on an old chest (built in 1945).

John Mayberry brought his finished maple and cherry segmented vase. The vase was designed and built, as a result of Loyd’s workshop.

David Whyte brought and donated an 8” dado blade to the club to be used in an auction later in the year.

Tom Gillard gave a slide presentation of a wind tunnel section that he is building in his shop. The project is too large to bring to “show & tell”.

Henry Davis displayed a shadow box design picture frame he had made for a friend. The frame was made from mahogany.

Doyle McConnell made a few remarks about the next set of shop tours. The tour of Tullahoma shops will be on August 13. For those who want to do breakfast we will meet at 0700 at Western Sizzler, 0800 to Ross's, then to Jim Van Claves, to Barb and Phil Keens and finish up at Henry's.
Ross’ address is 1102 Bragg Cr.
Take the second Bragg Cr exit off of Wilson Ave and his house is about the third on the left. See phone number above.

Refreshments were provided by the Ryans and Bryants.  Many thanks!!

My internet service is out of order so I was unable to pull items off the web for you.  I hope to do better next month.  Sorry for the short newsletter…

Loyd wanted to remind the club members that the grand door prizes this year will be two $150 gift certificates from Woodcraft and will be given away at the Christmas party/Twenty Year Anniversary Celebration in December. The party/celebration will cost $15 and a choice of steak or chicken as an entrée.

SEE YA ON THE 16th !

Web Sites of interest.

Wood Central

See you on the 16 th.

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