Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
   Vol. 16/ Issue11                November 2001               Editor: Tom Gillard Jr. 

Meeting Notice:
The next meeting of the TN Valley Woodworkers
will be held, November 20th at 7:00 p.m. in the
 Duck River Electric Building, Decherd, TN
All interested woodworkers are invited!

The following people have agreed to serve as contacts for their particular skills.  If you have questions, suggestions
for activities, or other comments relating to these skills, please call these folks.  Their interest is to help the
club better serve their area of expertise.  Your participation with them will help them achieve that goal.

Alice Berry     454-3815    Design             Phil Bishop         967-4626    Finishing
Tom Church   967-4460   Turning            Harry May          962-0215     Carving
Bob Reese      728-7974   Sharpening       Jim Van Cleave    455-8150    Joinery

Maurice Ryan  962-1555   Health and Safety

Calendar of Events

     Event                      Date                  List ofClub Officer
                                                                President:  Tom Cowan
   Christmas Party              12/7                          V. President: Bob Leonard
 Party is Friday, Dec. 7 at 6:00pm                     Secretary: Shirley Bishop
at the Decherd Nazarene. Church                           Treasurer: Henry Davis
                                                                        Publicity: Maurice Ryan
                                                                                       Newsletter Editor: Tom Gillard Jr.

Election Time !!

Once again it is time to elect our officers,  your nominating committee has finished  it’s job and has presented their list of nominees. For those of you that might have missed the committee report presented at the October meeting those nominees are:

 Bob Leonard        President
 Doyle McConnell     Vice President
 Barbara Keen    Secretary
 Henry Davis      Treasurer
 Ruth and Maurice Ryan        Publicity Chairmen

 Nominations will also be taken for the floor on election night, so if you have a candidate for a club office you will be given a chance to place that person’s name in contention.  But remember that according to our club by-laws before you nominate that person you must have their prior approval to be nominated.

This seems an appropriate time to remember those members that have served as officers, below is a list of those members who have held offices in the past along with the folks who have been the editor of our newsletter.  We want to thank those folks along with all the countless committee chair persons and committee members who
have so generously given of their time. We owe the continuing success of our club largely to them.


"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing.  The worst thing you can do is nothing."
Theodore Roosevelt

The November meeting will feature our very own Steve Shores with a demonstration of his turned Christmas tree ornaments.

Our fall seminar was successful with 28 members and guests attending the turning seminar, presented by Bobby Clemons.  Bobby provided hands on demonstrations on the techniques of turning green wood bowls, and dried bark edged bowls.  In addition he showed the group his method of making his unique style of Christmas ornaments.  The seminar provided something for both the advanced wood turner as well as the novice turner.

Bobby Clemons stated " I had a great time at the club meeting.  They are a great group. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and had lots of questions and good conversation."

November 22

Matranga Wood Designs

Date:       November 17th & 18th 10am to 6pm
Location:   Girl Scout City Center located at 4522 Granny White Pike
(Corner of Granny White & Harding Place)
Call: (615) 383-0490 for directions

Woodturning Demonstrations: 11am, 2pm, 4:30pm
Holiday Gift Buying Made Easy!
Featuring items made from Union Station Train Shed Pine

                                            Remember that the only way you can register to win this router is to be at the meeting.

This is the last registration before the Christmas Party.

                                        Around the World,
                                        It's Tough as Nails


In Ontario, New England, and the northern
Great Lake states, there's a firewood so
tough that it stalls hydraulic log splitters. Yet,
it's worth the herculean effort necessary to
build up a pile because it burns well through a
cold winter's night. Ironwood, as it's called,
has such complete combustion it leaves little
Ironwood grows in Texas, too—and in
Australia, Brazil, Ceylon, England, India, and other parts of the world as
well. Wherever the wood appears, it attains legendary stature, taking claim
to the titles of hardest and heaviest.

                 Despite the wood's reknown, however, ironwood isn't a specific species.
                 Rather, it's the colloquial term for a state or region's toughest wood. All
                 told, there are 80 distinct species around the world known as ironwood.

                 In Texas, for instance, it's honey mesquite. The ironwood found in the
                 northern U.S., Canada, and Europe is actually hophornbeam. Florida has
                 horsetail casuarina as its ironwood. In Australia, it's Queensland red
                 ironwood; in Ceylon, gangsaw. Brazil touts pau ferro and quebracho. So,
                wherever you live, you'll never be wrong equating the toughest wood you
                 know with iron, you just won't be technically correct.

                 By the way, whatever the exact scientific term for the different species,
                 trees for the different species, trees designated as ironwood frequently
                 become homemade tool handles, mallets, fence posts, levers, and
                 definitely warming fuel.

Thoughts and Prayers are needed for the following Club members:
Don Helton

For sale:
Delta 37-280 -- 6" Motorized Jointer on open stand.  36" bed with rabbeting edge.  $275 -- Call Loyd Ackerman @ 931-728-9952 or ackerman1@charter.net


TN Valley Woodworkers
Show and Tell

                            Jim VanCleave:  Walnut/Cherry mirror

                            Steve Seville:  Wood Spirit

                            Ross Roepke:  vacuum muffler and a hold fast

                            Tom Church:  Bowl and stand that were made in Kenya and bought at a show.

                            Bob Leonard:  Knife display stand

                            Steve Shores:  Cherry bowl

                            Dean Lutes:  Corian goblet

                            Josef Maierbacker:  Wood Spirit

                            Loyd Ackerman:  Bowl from redheart and cherry bowl


OFFICERS  1986 – 2001

                                1986                                      1987                                  1988

PRES                  Henry Davis                           Tom Church                        Phil Bishop
VP                      Phil Bishop                             Tom Baskin                         Tom Cowan
SEC                    Joe Pawlick                            Bill Warmbrod                    Susan Church
TR                      Tom Cowan                            Bill Knight                          Winfield Bennett
PUB                   Susan Church                          Jack Townsend                   Jack Townsend
EDIT                  Joe Pawlick                             Joe Pawlick                        Joe Pawlick

                              1989                                          1990                                    1991

PRES                 Jack Townsend                        Bill Moye                               Phil Bishop
VP                     Richard Gulley                          Bob Reese                            Tom Cowan
SEC                   Susan Church                           Tom Gillard                           Tom Gillard
TR                     Mayford Clayton                       Judy Davis                            Judy Davis
PUB                   Josef Maierbacher                    Jack Townsend                     Winfield Bennett
EDIT                  Tom & Susan Church               Tom & Susan Church            Tom & Susan Church

                                1992                                           1993                                      1994

PRES                Tom Gillard                                  Bill Chew                               Jim VanCleave
VP                     Tom Church                                 Ross Roepke                         Lucinda Howard
SEC                   Jim VanCleave                             Lucinda Howard                    Susan Church
TR                     Judy Davis                                    Judy Davis                             Judy Davis
PUB                  Richard Hagar                               Jack Townsend                      Jack Townsend
EDIT                 Tom & Susan Church                    Tom & Susan Church             Tom & Susan Church

                              1995                                              1996                                            1997

PRES            Lucinda Howard                                  Ross Roepke                            Doyle McConnell
VP                Tom Cowan                                         Doyle McConnell                      Harold Hewgley
SEC              Susan Church                                       Lucinda Howard                       Richard Gulley
TR                Judy Davis                                            Judy Davis                                Henry Davis
PUB             Jack Townsend                                     Jack Townsend                         Jack Townsend
EDIT            Lucinda Howard                                   Richard Gulley                           Richard Gulley

                              1998                                                  1999                                            2000

PRES                Harold Hewgley                                Loyd Ackerman                             Tom Cowan
VP                    Loyd Ackerman                                Tom Cowan                                   Bob Reese
SEC                  John Green                                        John Green                                    John Mayberry
TR                    Henry Davis                                       Henry Davis                                  Henry Davis
PUB                 Jack Townsend                                  Doyle McConnell                          Doyle McConnell
EDIT                Tom Gillard                                        Tom Gillard                                  Tom Gallard


PRES              Tom Cowan
VP                  Bob Leonard
SEC                Shirley Bishop
TR                  Henry Davis
PUB                Maurice & Ruth Ryan
EDIT               Tom Gillard

Thanks to club historian and perennial treasurer Henry Davis for keeping and providing this history of the club officers.


For those who thought the hardest part of Physics 101 was the constant conversion from feet and inches to the metric system, including all its Newtons, Joules, and Watts, here are some other useful conversions:

Ratio of an igloo's circumference to its diameter:         Eskimo Pi

2000 pounds of Chinese soup:         Won ton

1 millionth of a mouthwash:         1 microscope

Time between slipping on a peel and smacking the pavement:         1 bananosecond

Weight an evangelist carries with God:  1 billigram

Time it takes to sail 220 yards at 1 nautical mile per hour:         Knot-furlong

365.25 days of drinking low-calorie beer because it's less filling:         1 lite year

 16.5 feet in the Twilight Zone:         1-Rod Serling

Half of a large intestine:         1 semicolon

1000 aches:         1 megahurtz

Basic unit of laryngitis:         1 hoarsepower

Shortest distance between two jokes:         A straight line

454 graham crackers:         1 pound cake

1 million-million microphones:         1 megaphone

1 million bicycles:         2 megacycles

2000 mockingbirds:         two kilomockingbirds

10 cards:         1 decacards

1 kilogram of falling figs:         1 Fig Newton

1000 grams of wet socks:         1 literhosen

1 millionth of a fish:         1 microfiche

1 trillion pins:         1 terrapin

10 rations:         1 decoration

100 rations:         1 C-ration

2 monograms:         1 diagram

8 nickels:        2 paradigms

2.4 statute miles of intravenous surgical tubing at Yale University Hospital:         1 I.V. League

100 Senators:         Not 1 decision.


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Saw Blade Sharpening Services: Branching Out is now offering their services as a drop off spot to have your saw blades sharpened.  The blades will be picked up (Tuesdays), sharpened, and dropped back off at Branching Out.  The Leitz Tooling Systems out of Collierville, TN will do the sharpening.  Call (393-0525) or stop by for details.

Tom Gillard Jr.