Tennessee Valley Woodworkers

Vol. 15/ Issue 12                                              December 2000                                             Editor: Tom Gillard


Meeting Notice:

The next meeting of the TN Valley Woodworkers

Will be held, December 19, 2000 at 7:00 p.m. in the

Duck River Electric Building, Dechard, TN

All interested woodworkers are invited!



The following people have agreed to serve as contacts for their particular skills.  If you have questions, suggestions for activities, or other comments relating to these skills, please call these folks.  Their interest is to help the club better serve their area of expertise.  Your participation with them will help them achieve that goal.


                Alice Berry 454-3815    Design                    Phil Bishop         967-4626    Finishing

                Tom Church 967-4460   Turning                   Harry May          962-0215     Carving

                Bob Reese 728-7974   Sharpening              Jim VanCleave    455-8150     Joinery 

                Maurice Ryan  962-1555   Health and Safety




November 21, 2000


President Tom Cowan called the meeting to order at 7:00 P. M.

Welcomed guest was Gary Whitaker.


President Tom Cowan thanked everyone for the good results and turnout for the past wood-finishing seminar that occurred on October 28, 2000. In addition, Bob Leonard thanked everyone for making the event a success and thanked Tom Gillard for the use of his shop and hospitality.

President Tom Cowan announced the annual Christmas party would be held on December 8, 2000 at the Decherd Nazarene Church at 6:00 P. M

President Tom Cowan passed out a question sheet for members to answer to obtain desires of members for future activities of the club.

Henry Davis announced copies of splinters are available at the meeting.

Bob Reese expressed that he had been asked by a Boy Scout leader to provide demonstrations of woodworking by club members for the Boy Scouts.

Crocia Roberson announced Kenneth Clark and Frank Gizzard had put up a wheel chair ramp for a lady that had cancer. Their project was greatly appreciated.

Maurice Ryan announced that he and his wife are having open house on December 10, 2000 form 3:00 P. M. until 7:00 P. M.

Bob Reese announced that the December program would be a continuation of show and tell. Each member is asked to bring something old and something new or a special tool that they would like to tells others about.

Loyd Ackerman, nominating committee chairman announced the committee selection of officers for the coming year to be as follows:


President: Tom Cowan

Vice President: Bob Leonard

Publicity chairman: Maurice & Ruth Ryan

Secretary: Shirley Bishop

Treasury: Henry Davis

Splinters Publisher: Tom Gillard


Bob Reese made a motion that nomination cease and Doyle McConnell seconded the motion. The vote was called for and the candidates were elected by a unanimous vote.

Ross Roepke passed out a list of tools for sale due to the death of a good friend.



·        Tom Gillard-color samples of finishes for cabinets. Demonstrated that tar could be used to finish furniture to make them appear old.

·        John Lovett-hand grinding stones for grinding wheat into flour. Barrel to hold wheat made of oak flooring boards.

·        David Whyte-jig for making picture frames and a box for pencils.

·        John Mayberry-three maple bowls, one stool, and two walnut clocks.

·        Jim Van Cleave-walnut magazine rack and table.

·        Bob Leonard-multiple wood made into a knife and a holder.

·        Doyle McConnell-box elder wood made into a vase with red streaks caused by a worm in the wood. Also, Christmas ornaments, bottle stoppers, letter openers and perfume bottles.

·        Manual Brown-multiwood plate with inlayed star in the center.

·        Crocia Roberson-rocking horse, picture frames made from stone from Russia and a doll.

·        Loyd Ackerman-picture of new cabinets for his home. Also, pictures of barn door he help replace.

·        Ross Roepke-cabinet with four drawers made from cherry wood.

·        Richard Gulley-laser engraved nametags.

·        Russ Willis-bird house.




Tim and Larry Halbeck were given time during the program to present their future plans. They will be teaching wood appreciation and orientation through Tennessee Technology center of Shelbyville, TN. Classes to be held at the Dixie wood workers location near Wartrace, TN. 

Their purpose is to prepare people to work in the woodworking field. All ages are welcome to participate. Classes to begin in April

 2001. Tim asks for help from the club by suggesting

courses and sharing skills.


The program was presented by Dean Lutes and Andy Weaver on the uses of corian, which is made by Dupont. They demonstrated that corian has many uses including; cabinet tops, shower stalls complete sink and table tops.


There were a total of 52 members and guests in attendance.

Respectfully submitted, John Mayberry, Secretary.


 With the ending of the year, we should think back at all the activities and fun we, as a club, have had.  We have had our loses with the death of Jack Townsend earlier this year. 

There was the wonderful show, ‘Creations in Wood’, in April and May.  This touring exhibit showcased so much of the awesome talent that is assembled within our small group. 

We had our summer picnic.  I think it was the best attended ever.

In the fall there was the Coffee County Fair.  This again, was fun and enjoyable for all that staffed the booth and for those who wandered through to look.

We had five members attend a workshop at Arrowmont, in Gatlinburg.  One of which brought home a grand prize ribbon.

The fall seminar was very enlightening, if you don’t have any tar in your shop, how can you finish furniture?

There were many members that opened their shops to help other learn a specific skill this year.

And now the Christmas party. 


We are very fortunate to have a club like this.  There are people that will help you in any way they can.  They step up when there is an event that needs a chairman to make sure it comes off with out a hitch.

I am looking forward to another wonderful year in 2001.   

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




The club leadership would like for you to take a minute and complete this survey.  It will be used to enhance the upcoming year’s events. 

Please return your answers to Loyd.

Thank you,


Member Survey For


1.      What are some suggestions for monthly program topics?


  1. Any suggestions concerning our annual picnic?



3. The club has always tried to sponsor a spring and fall seminar. Please help by making comments on the following:

What are some topics you would like to see presented?

Do your prefer presenters from outside our club?

Would you like to see club members serve as presenters?

In the past our seminars have cost $20 to $25. Do you think this amount is OK?

Do you think the seminars provide good basic educational opportunity?


4. Do you have any suggestions concerning our holiday social?


5. Do you have suggestions regarding the show and tell portion of our program?


6. Please give your comments about the exhibits the club has sponsored in the past.


7. How can we make sure new members feel welcome to our club?


8. Do you have ideas how we can improve the monthly meetings?


9. Do you have suggestions as to other activities or projects the club should be involved in?




Emerson Tool Co. (ETC) is providing a repair kit for a new blade guard or $100 to owners of certain Craftsman® 8", 8¼", 9", and 10" Radial Arm Saws. Sears sold the 8, 9, and 10-inch saws from 1958 through 1992. The 8¼" saws were sold from 1990 through 1995.

These saws were sold without a guard that covers the entire blade. Some consumers have contacted the blade or have been hit by wood kicked back by the

saws, resulting in amputations, fractures and lacerations.

The kit will be provided to owners whose 10" saws are retrofitable with the kit. If the saw is not retrofitable (certain 10" and all 8", 8¼" and 9" Saws), the owner must return the radial arm saw carriage to Emerson to receive the $100.

 For anyone who owns a radial arm saw that is part of this campaign and does notwant to continue to use that saw, ETC will provide $100 for the return of the radialarm saw carriage. Details on this offer can be obtained by calling toll-free (800)511-2628. Sears should not be contacted because ETC is handling this program.



 Santa arrives early this year

 We recently met Mr. Robert Swafford, Store Manager of the Lowe’s Home Center in Tullahoma.  During the conversation, we touched on the TVWW club and some of the activities that the club and its members have undertaken during this past year or so.  Before parting, Mr. Swafford graciously offered the membership of the club a special, “one time only” 10% discount off the retail purchase price of any single item purchased in his store between now and January 19, 2001.  That is, this discount may be applied to any woodworking tool or equipment item, certainly any Christmas season gift item, or any other item in the store.  To accomplish, he has prepared a letter starting the terms involved and authorizing this special discount.  He has asked us to distribute a copy to each member of the club who is in attendance at the next TVWW meeting.  Simply present your copy of the letter to the Lowe’s Home Center cashier at the time you make your purchase to receive this special Holiday Discount gift by Mr. Swafford and Lowe’s Home Discount Centers, Inc.  to the TVWW.