Meeting January 15, 2019

Karen Browning called meeting to order at 6:30pm.

Guest: Max Heat, Ben Hidalgo, Glen Hinton, Larry Oakes

Carvers meet 1st and 3rd Saturday at Jim Jollffe's shop at 8:30-10:30am.

Carvers seminar was canceled as not enough people signed up.

President Karen talked teamwork. She told membership executive committee is meeting Thursday afternoon and would like ideas from membership. She passed out slips of paper and asked members to write any ideas for programs and activities for upcoming year.

Announcement was made that Ross Roepke loss a great-granddaughter.

Show and Tell:
Darell Albert displayed a unique bowl made from chittum burl carved using power tools. Finish is walnut oil and wax.

Karen Browning had a bowl of spalted maple with lacquer finish.

Jim Jolliffe showed a bark house made of cottonwood with liquid finishing wax. Made for a friend. He also had a beautiful carving, Chief Running Bear made of wormy butternut. It has a lot of detail. Finish is tung oil, a little paint, and 3 coats of semi-gloss lacquer.

Mickey Knowles had 2 nice bowls of maple wood. Finish sanding sealer and lacquer.

Marvin Miller brought 2 nice pendants he made. He explained how he was able to make these small pieces.

Vince Zaccardi displayed a bowl of unknown wood finished with lacquer. He showed a nice size piece of slab that looks cool he got from Richard Gulley. He also had a broken bowl that is in pieces. He showed pictures of a hole in ceiling and one of a piece of the bowl sticking in the ceiling. He told how the bowl exploded while on the lathe as he increased the speed. He cautioned all on proper speed and safety equipment.

Richard Gulley showed another station of cross made on CNC for church. He told that the bronze finish look was from using honey brown stain on the poplar which had a green color. Jack Kincella is helping by finishing. Richard also showed a spoon his grandson, Jacob Oliver, carved. He started the carving using a pocket knife. Made of maple.

Wood Turning = Lathe and Chainsaw
Doyle explained hollow form and closed form
He displayed and explained tools he made and purchased and how they work. One of the tools he made was inspired by Lyle Jamison. He went on to talk about how to set center line and importance for tool being center of work. Doyle showed a number of projects he had done as well as pictures of examples.
He told of large group of members he has helped. Program was excellent example of what one can accomplish.
Doyle closed by telling membership club has been vibrant since the beginning. Said there is need for new folks to step up and participate in guiding club. Reward will be great.

Meeting adjourned.