Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
Meeting 11-20- 2018

Meeting called to order by President Karen Browning at 6:30 PM.

Visitors: Mike Rayfield
New members: Troy Eason and son, Travis.

Karen gave information on the upcoming club Christmas party.
• Date: December 7, social: 4:30 pm, dinner: 5:00 PM.
• Location: Nazarene Church in Decherd
• Cost: $10/person (catered dinner)
• Gift exchange: optional

Karen led a club discussion concerning the need for members to “step up” and support the club by filling the officer positions. Comment made by Loyd that the club would soon “disappear” if members did not participate. It appears that the current officers will carry over into the next year.

The carvers announced that a “power carving” class has been scheduled.
• The two weekend class will be taught by David Sharp from Smithville.
• The group will be carving an elk.
• The planned dates are January 12, 13 and 26, 27 of 2019.
• The price is $275 per person. This is a power carving class
• Since this is a power carving class, everyone will need a Dremel, Foredom or other power carving tools.
• The class will be held at Jim Joliffe’s shop.
• The class size needs to be 8 to 12 people.
• The class is structured for beginners to advanced skills.

The program for December will be “SUPER SHOW & TELL”

• Toney Murphy discussed a coat rack, made from walnut and finished with shellac.
• Carl Blumenthal showed a carved walking stick with a “snake” handle. He also displayed a carved “hiking” stick with a natural finish.
• Karen Browning talked about her “accidental” natural edged bowl made from maple and with a lacquer finish.
• Vince Zaccardi discussed a decorated maple bowl, finished with wax. He showed a cherry peppermill (oil and buffed) and an “opportunity” bowl (a work in progress).
• John Duval showed a large cherry crotch platter, finished with Watco oil and a couple of box elder salad bowls, finished with walnut oil.
• Jack Tate displayed a uniquely figured spalted maple lidded bowl, finished with spray lacquer.
• John Harton displayed a decorated rimmed closed vessel from 100 year old Magnolia, two other small bowls from the same wood. He discussed various techniques for decorating the bowls to make them move from “good” to “great” category all were finished with lacquer
• Rowland Bussler discussed a “glued up” bowl and a matching cutting board. They were made from maple, cherry and walnut and finished with Watco Butcher Block oil (multiple coats to produce the shine).
• Richard Gulley brought and discussed a group of Christmas tree ornaments that he made on his CNC. He also talked about his $5 sandblaster, made with an air blower (Harbor Freight) and a plastic bottle. He is in the process of carving a series of religious scenes on the CNC router.
• Loyd Ackerman brought a “Genie” lidded segmented vessel. Wood used included maple, cherry, bloodwood and walnut. The vessel was finished with gloss lacquer and buffed.
• Jim Jolliffe discussed cottonwood bark carvings of Santa and an elf.
• Chuck Taylor brought 7 dozen small spinning tops that he annually makes for his son, Derrick’s 4th grade class at Christmas time.

The program was presented by Clay Bearden, who is a Tullahoma woodworker. Clay displayed a “floating top” table that he had made, using quarter-sawn oak.
The design came from an issue of Fine Woodworking.
His table was featured in the September issue of Wood magazine.
The unique thing about the table was that no glue was used in the assembly. It was assembled with mortice and tenon joints and pegs.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Minutes recorded by: Chuck Taylor