Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
Meeting 10-16- 2018


Meeting called to order by President Karen Browning at 6:30pm.

Guest: Troy Easton, Dale Philpott, David Molvik

Karen showed brief video on Relfenrehen (to turn Rings) and challenged members to do.

Karen went over present officers and need for new people to step forward. Doyle McConnell reminded members that only a core of members serve and ll should consider serving.

Carvers meet 1st and 3rd Saturday 8:30-10:30am at Jim Joliffee's shop.

Pictures of summer seminar with Ronnie Young were shown.

Pictures of Tims Ford Heritage Day shown of members demonstrating turning and carving.

Bill Guffey showed pictures of sewing cabinet he made for a lady. Made of cherry with lacquer finish.
Matt Brothers had pictures of corner cabinet he repaired for customer. He explained process to replace feet to keep it to period it made. He also showed pics of conference table he repaired and finished by Jack Kincella.
Fred Hensley had pictures of bar stools he made along with a drop leaf table. Made of red oak and finished with paint on urethane.
Doyle McConnell brought a number of items as ideas for Christmas gifts. He had 2 magnifying glasses, a purse hanger, and a paper clip holder with magnets.
Jim Joliffee showed a walking stick of sassafras for friend. Finish tung oil and 3 coats of semi-gloss poly.
Tony Murphy showed a bar stool made to go with bar he recently showed. Made of red oak and said used same finish as used on bar.
Doug Dunlap had 2 small bowls made of pecan and finished with danish oil.
Karen Browning brought a natural edge bowl made from box elder with lacquer finish.
Chuck Taylor had 2 vases of hart maple and one of pecan. All finished with gloss lacquer. He also had
some spools he made for Falls Mill antique loom.
Mickey Knowles displayed a nice bowl made of Catalpa finished sanding sealer and spray lacquer.
He He brought a bowl made of dogwood with lacquer finish and a dipping tray of dogwood with wax finish.
Vince Zaccardi had a bowl made of poplar with a cherry top and finished with shellac.
Matt Brothers had 2 peppermills he finished that had been turned by Doyle McConnell. Made of apple.
Bill Guffey had a bowl made from maple and a second bowl made of walnut. Both finished with lacquer.

Program: Band Saw Boxes presented by Gene Casto
Gene explained the things and material to make a band saw box. He explained need to know band saw specs, blade width important, how to choose wood and design.
He showed open entry designs and closed entry designs. Gene explained how he makes boxes with drawers and how to open drawers. He told wood choices: walnut, oak, maple,cherry, cedar and plywood. He displayed a number of boxes he has made and went through steps making a truck box he had. Gene reminded all to turn off saw before trying to back out of blade.

Meeting adjourned.