Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
Meeting 9-18-18

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm by President Karen Browning.

Karen addressed club on the passing of club member Bob Addington.

Guest: Doug DuBois, Max DuBois, Carl Blumenthal, Ken Jordan, Tim Glover

Karen showed and passed around gavel made by John Sargent in 1997.

Carvers meet 1ST and 3rd Saturday of month at Jim Jolliffe's shop.

Summer Seminar was great success with Ronnie Young.

Vince Zaccardi told club of Tims Ford Heritage Day Oct 13th.

John Hartin said Christmas coming he brought pics of presents that can be made.

Tim Glover said he has client selling property and tools in Sewanee.

President Karen said looking for officers for next year. Volunteers welcome.

Vince Zaccardi said at recent meeting told should change fire extinguishers 4 years old or older. Someone said take and turn over and tap with hammer.

Chuck Taylor notified club of on-line auction of Larry Damesworth tools.

Next month's program: Band saw Boxes.

Doyle McConnell displayed a peppermill made of maple and a bowl with spalted maple around middle.
Both finished with lacquer. They were made as gift for grandson's wedding.
Geoff Roehm brought 2 guitar necks and explained challenges of making on CNC.
Jim Accord displayed Bramble Farm which Bob Addington did the lettering on CNC. The brambles and rocks were done by artist Mark Hawley. Sign not finished.
Richard Gulley showed a rope making machine he made for a client. He also showed a small sign made on CNC and explained how he painted lettering. He also had 2 small praying hands done on CNC.
Ross Roepke brought a nice table made of mahogany with African mahogany top.

PROGRAM: Tom Gillard Glue and Gluing Joints
Tom started by telling that there are procedures to do it right but most of just do it. He went through the different times of glues, drying time and their uses. He explained the difference between water resistant and water proof glues. He displayed some joints he glued up and discussed gap filler glues. Tom reminded all that the job determines which glue to use. Tom took questions.

Meeting adjourned.