Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
Meeting 8-21-18


President Karen Browning called meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Guests: Jay Strickler, George Linkh, Glen Smith, Mary Strotheide, Jim Haaven

Karen showed pictures of beetles and destruction they do to trees. However the pine beetle makes a beautiful blue stain fungus in wood.

Carvers meet 1st and 3rd Saturday 8:30-10:30am at Jim Jolliffe's shop.

Jim Jolliffe had copy of National Carvers Magazine which had article about Eagle carving the club did and article about carvers seminar.
Jim also informed members of Dick Wollam's show at Cowan Depot in Cowan.

Loyd Ackerman discussed summer seminar August 25th. 8Am social, 8:30 program starts. Lunch provided. Program: Ronnie Young – Building Belvidere Clock.

Falls Mills looking for help with a few projects.

Ross Roepke thanked members who donated to Partners for Healing auction.

Eric Strotheide has information on wood available. If interested contact him.

Doug Dunlap showed a keepsake box made for his grandson who is becoming a eagle scout. Made of pine, cherry,and mahogany. Finish danish oil.
Ross Roepke had four small boxes. 2 made with oak and walnut, 1 made with maple and cedar, and one made of cherry oak and walnut.
Jack Kincella had pieces use to sand tight places like spindles and angles. Also had a clamp used to hold sacrificed fences.
Bob Addington showed card holders made for family members done on CNC.
John Hartin showed three salt boxes he had made. Two were made of hackberry and one was cherry. The lids were pinned on from the bottom.
Marvin Miller displayed a band saw box with a draw. Made of hard maple.
Bill Guffey displayed a pretty bowl of walnut finished with spray lacquer.
Tony Murphy used pictures to show bar he has worked on for 3 years. Top of walnut and sassafras with 8 coats of water base poly. He had metal pieces made by Ken Gould. He used pine and used different finishes to really make it look good.
Vince Zaccardi showed pictures he took while on vacation in S.C. He had pics of ancient birds, many made of bass wood, by carver Granger Mckay. Unique way of connecting birds which may stand as much as 5 feet tall.
Reilly Earle also used pictures of bookshelf he made. He used cherry for the base and plywood for shelves.
Fred Heltsley had pictures of a hanging day bed he made using inspiration from Green and Green. He showed design he made and how it looked when finished.

Richard Gulley displayed a couple signs he made with CNC. He talked and showed a inexpensive screwdriver set which you could make a wood handle for and give as Christmas presents.
Richard's signs:
1. “Why not be reasonable and agree with me”
2. “I'd like to agree with you but then we'd both be wrong”

PROGRAM: Jim Jolliffe – Making Giant Pine Tree Bar

Jim has made a live edge bar from large pine tree. The bar is 11ft l x 33in w x 8 in thick. Jim walked through fabrication and installation with use of slides. He also brought in router jig made to help construction. He explained orientation/design considerations. One example was what side to face guest and which way to slope bar top. He told of sanding and finishing. Used tree stumps to hold up the bar.
He answered questions.

Meeting adjourned.