Meeting called to order 6:30 pm by V.P. Vince Zacarrdi

Guest: Rick Dickson and Larry James

Carvers meet 1st and 3rd Saturday at Jim Jolliffee's shop

Summer Seminar August 25th. Loyd Ackerman said fee $30 and would include lunch.
Ronnie Young will demonstrate building an English Bracket Clock .

Club Picnic was enjoyed by all who attended. Auction raised $450.

August meeting Jim Jolliffee Making giant pine tree giant bar.

Upcoming events of interest:
Hands on Science Center Tullahoma celebration August 18th. Live music, food, plenty to do for kids and adults.
Tims Ford Heritage Day October 10th.
Carvers Seminar date TBA – David Sharpe – Power carving
John Hartin introduced Michelle Cormack with Partners for Healing Tullahoma. She explained that they help people without insurance get primary care. They are having annual fund raiser “Healing on the Hill August 25th. Members have donated items in the past for their auction and asked for help.

Matt Brothers said wood that is for sale In Huntsville may priced higher then members would pay. Richard Gulley said all big power tools gone.
Larry Bowers said Larry Dameworth's widow looking to see if a member would make for her 2 boxes for ashes. One for Larry and one for later use for her.

SHOW and Tell:
Mike Zinser brought one bowl made from spalted maple finished with 8 coats of minwax antique oil. He had a second bowl made from hack berry with a large crack.
David Sapp Showed a bowl and a platter made from ambrosia maple and a few segmented ornamental pieces made of walnut and maple.
Paul Jalbert had a plaque for Slinger family featuring Marine Corp insignia. Carved from cherry with sanding sealer and finish to be determined later.
John Hartin displayed 2 natural edge bowls one with legs. He explained how he got legs on the bowl.
Loyd Ackerman brought a small shelf made of walnut with a horse displayed made with CNC.
Gary Runyon showed a Roman support spindle he made for his wife. It is made of cherry and finished with Dr. Wood-shop finish.
Larry Wendland displayed 2 small natural edge bowls made with macadamia nut and finished with CA glue.
Tony Murphy showed a marking gauge he made to use. Made with walnut and finished with poly.
Richard Gulley had an item he asked if anyone could identify. He also showed a small item which had a hole in the middle. He said you put your finger in the hole to hold down book pages as you read.

Program: David Sapp – End-Grain Cutting Board

David took members through procedures for making the cutting board. He explained that after the passing of his brother he has been working with his brothers business in Missouri making shuffle boards. He showed slides of the shuffle boards being made.
David explained how he got the 18 strips of maple for the cutting boards and how to prepare them. He demonstrated the gluing process and told of passing them through planner. David showed how to clamp strips together and told of sanding and use of router. He had a number of products for finishing as you want one easily renewable.
He reminded all don't cut crosscut on a table saw.
David showed the finished product and answered questions.

Meeting adjourned.