MAY 15, 2018

Meeting called to order by V.P. Vince Zaccardi at 6:30 pm.

No Guest
No carvers meeting May 19th due to club tool sale.

June 19th Bill Mauzy Bowl Turner
July 17th Jim Jolliffee Building Pine Bear
August 21st David Sapp TBD
September 18th Gene Cosco Band Saw Boxes

Loyd Ackerman gave report on Summer Seminar: August 25th, Decherd Nazarene Church.
Ronnie Young presenter: How to construct an English Bracket Clock. Fee of $30.00 will include lunch and Ronnie's expenses.

Up Coming Events:
Turning Bee TBD
Tool Sale - May 19th
Club Picnic - June 23rd Falls Mill
HOSC - August
Seminar - August 25th Ronnie Young
Tims Ford Heritage Day Oct 13th
Christmas Dinner Dec 7th

Richard Gulley spoke of upcoming tool sale at Decherd Nazarene Church. Set up Fri 6:30 pm. Sale opens Sat 8 am.

Discussion on club picnic about auction. Decided to do live auction.

Vince Zaccardi said he was contacted about Storyboard Greenway project set for early next year in Tullahoma. Project will expand greenway and have several stations with books for kids to read.

Vince also reminded club of Arts Alive Festival Memorial Day weekend in Tullahoma.

Felix Rees said has an old stock barn he wants torn down. If interested contact him.

Ross Roepke brought a clock made of Dogwood as part of Karen's challenge. Finish varnish.

John Hartin displayed 3 really nice bowls with decorative trim. (1) cherry with lacquer finish (2) osage orange has wax finish (3) spalded magnolia with lacquer finish. John tried to stretch truth saying he carved trim but admitted he used texture tool.

Richard Gulley brought 2 CNC signs he made of cherry. One was a heart for a family in memory of their relative and one of a cross for church memorial wall. He also had a spoon of dogwood made on band saw and carved. He showed a joiner jig which could be purchased for around $40.00 and one he made for a lot less.

Jim Aronld displayed a thread caddy made of cherry, finish wipe on poly. He said made one for his wife's Christmas present. She asked him to make more for her quilting partners.

John Hartin talked about grandfather who owned a farm and became the community woodworker. He made cabinets and other items. John showed tool his grandfather made and explained how he had to make his tools including planes, squares, and chisels. He told of finding a Hames (device used with horses to pull load) made by hand.

PROGRAM: Loyd Ackerman How and why sketch up was needed for Blue Monarch Project

Loyd stated he uses free version of Sketch Up. Doesn't see need for pro version which cost $695.00.
He went through steps:
Project Concept Make in members shops, put together at Decherd Church, Disassemble
Design and Construction Plan Sketched and showed to client, made changes, obtained approval of client. Briefed team members and provided details for modular build.
Assembled, tore down, assembled at client's location.
Loyd showed pictures of shop work, making changes. Told of stair design and use of template.
He also had a video of teamwork. He showed pics other projects.
Sketch Up is good for general wood projects.
Some thoughts from Loyd: You don't always need thorough plans, sketch what you need, use it like a piece of paper.

Meeting adjourned.