FEBRUARY 20, 2018

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Paul Fulks gave his history lesson. He started with Marquis de Lafayette. He listed number of counties and cities named for him. He brought a arrest document from King George II. He explained how slave James Armistead was used as a spy to defeat Cornwallace. Benjamin Lincoln, George Washington's second in command was to accept surrender. Many places named Lincoln were actually named for him.

Richard Gulley presented Paul a plaque from the club for all the service he has given the club.

President Karen Browning stated this is the 33rd year for the club which started late 1985.
Karen introduced this year's officers. Karen also told members of the passing of member Collins Roan.

Introduction of guest: Mark Corlew, Steve Tracy, Joshua and Andrea Booher, Tom Duncan, Durrel Duer, Jim Thorington.

Paul Jalbert gave treasurer's report.

Carvers meet 1st and 3rd Sat at Jim Jolliffee's shop 8:30 am – 10:30am.

Jim Jolliffee reported Hands on Science Center received $7,500.00 grant. They will need help making instruments for the center.

Ken Gould announced group will meet 2 pm to check lumber that is for sale.

Upcoming Programs & Events
March 20th – Guitar Building – Alex Wayland
April 17th – Belvidere Box – Susan Church
April 19th - Tool Sale
April 21st - Turning Bee
August 25th – Seminar – Ronnie Young
Oct 13th - Tims Ford Heritage Day
Fall Seminars TBD

Vince Zaccardi brought a natural edge bowl made from pear, not finished. Vince also reminded all about to be safe as he told of incident he had not wearing face shield.
Doug Dunlap had a rolling pin he made of walnut and cherry; finish teak oil and lacquer.
John Hartin showed 3 bowls: 1st a tall bowl made of spaulted magnolia, 2nd a natural edge bowl made from ash, 3rd a small bowl also made of spaulted magnolia.
Mark Miller had a candle holder, a small bowl, and a square bowl which he explained difficulty doing edges. Mark also had some tools he made to do decorative trim.
Mickey Knowles displayed 3 bowls made from plum finished with sanding sealer and lacquer.
Paul Fulks showed the arrest warrant from King George II that he talked about in history lesson.

Bill Guffey brought a walnut bowl, a bowl made of spaulted maple, and a large bowl made of cherry. All were finished lacquer.
Loyd Ackerman showed a segmented bowl he made with 12 rings. He explained how he added carving of a 3d crown along middle with CNC.
Bob Addington brought Tn. Valley stir sticks (kitchen utensils) of cherry which he made on CNC.
Richard Gulley had a number of items. A sign he made on CNC “Sometimes my Train of Thought leaves the Station without me”. He had a small decorative heart. A rolling ruler coaster – has a measuring ruler along edge. Richard had a straight edge he purchased from Amazon. Offered stops and cams for work benches.
Geoff Roehm brought a ripping fixture used on tool for binding to instruments. Also using his wife's guitar he explained adjusting neck with tool he made.
Paul Jalbert displayed Girl Scout Community carving being worked on by scouts of troop 2163. He said they will continue to work to finish.
Bob Truesdale had a small bowl he made. Also a moulding plane he made and asked if anyone had information on making plane he would appreciate help.
Ross Roepke showed a pretty box he made of cedar. Said he likes working with book facing.
Jim Jolliffee shared pic of family Christmas projects done with grand kids. Jolliffee family sign with acrylic paint in letters finish with Danish oil. A carving of Chewbacca for one of the grand kids.
Jim Jolliffee also talked about the carving seminar recently held. Seven members at the meeting displayed their carving from the seminar. Jim also showed the display of the eagle the carvers started in 2013. This eagle will be on display at different events.
Dick Woodlam showed a carving of a stallion he had completed. Made of walnut with oak stain, 2 coats of rub down shellac and 2 coats of poly.
Steve Tracy visiting from West Virginia brought a child's rocker he made using router. He demonstrated that it was made in pieces and comes apart to become a puzzle to put together. He stated the parts would be painted different colors. He also reminded members of safety we are taught early: keep fingers from moving equipment and never cut a loose knot.

Wayne gave an interesting and educational program using slides and pics of the 2013 Carriage House Project. Wayne went over basic skills, books, and timber frame workshops. He went through tools, equipment, and steps to the build. Key to success is a good architect and drawings, good timber and sawing. He explained use of a pole truck, carving timbers and raising. Raising takes planning and arranging order of assemble. Need friends and neighbors to raise but safety first. Wayne invited all to come out and see the work they are doing.

Meeting adjourned.