President Paul Fulks called meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Guest: Jerry Janesek and Jeremy Price

Paul Jalbert gave treasurer's report. 48% members paid upcoming year's dues.

Christmas Party Karen Browning All had great time. Good food and good fellowship.

Carvers Meet 1st and 3rd Sat. 8:30 am Jim Jolliffe's shop
Seminar January 27th-28th with Adina Huckins. (see Splinters for details)

Officers for 2018:
President: Karen Browning Vice-President: Vince Zaccardi
Secretary: Joe Ferraro Treasurer: Paul Jalbert
Publicity: Pete Miller Newsletter Editor: Richard Gulley
Membership: Chuck Taylor Web Editor Forum: Loyd Ackerman

Upcoming Programs: January Building A Timber Frame House Wayne Hawkins
February Carving Jim Jolliffe
March Guitar Building Alex Wayland
April Belvidede Box Susan Church

Ed Naylor said Jerry Duncan had a large amount of lumber to sell. Those interested to meet after meeting.

Doug Dunlap -- showed a pretty carved mallard duck made from the carving seminar with Blu Pau.
Doyle McConnell -- brought a small birch container and a pointed container with a separate piece to hold.
He also had a large segmented piece made from Russian Plywood made to look like a wave. The piece was held by a hand he carved.
Johnnie Brown -- displayed a Christmas Ornament Tree made of maple and small wrapped presents of scrap wood. Finish is sanding sealer and wipe on poly.
Bob Leonard -- (Bolo Knifeworks) had a number of wooden knives and sheaths made of different woods. They were different styles and sizes. Some dating back to 1988.
Lytle Anderson -- showed a dulcimer made from poplar, walnut, and pine he had in shop. He explained a few changes he made in design.
Kathy Anderson -- displayed a (cardboard) harp made of cherry with help of Fred Heltsley. The plans called for bottom of cardboard but was replaced with wood. Sounded great.
Ross Roepke -- brought a nice box he made using crown molding with walnut finish.
Dan Earle -- had saw horses he made of Red Oak. He explained how to replace part if damaged and small area needed for storage.
John Hartin -- showed a number of handmade tools, some belonging to his grandfather and father. He explained how we can save by making tools especially those for special needs. John also showed a large bowl made of cherry crotch and showed how he used some of the tools in making the bowl.
Bob Addington -- had a couple projects made on CNC. One was a plaque made of cherry with Santa and Christmas scene. The other was a snowman made of oak and painted.
Loyd Ackerman -- brought a few plaques made on CNC using new 3D program. One was that of a horse made of cherry and 2 decorative plaques made of maple.
Mickey Knowles -- displayed a lamp made of red oak with stained glass shade and sides. Finish with sanding sealer. He explained that he and Tom Cowan had taken class on stain glass and this was project he completed.
Chuck Taylor -- brought 2 small lidded boxes made of holly, not finished. He also had a large pepper mill from maple finished with lacquer.
Dave Duesterhaus -- showed a pretty box he made of mahogany and finished with lacquer.
Mike Broadrick -- had pictures of queen headboard and foot board he made of maple, walnut, oak, and side rails of poplar.
Matt Brothers -- had pictures of an old Studebaker he is restoring. Also showed craftsman bedroom suite he made of white oak, stained provincial and lacquer finish.
Jim Arnold -- showed a few carved pieces given to him over the years. (1) walnut shoe (2) calf quail bird by Ray Berry (3) Locksmith a piece with balls inside.
Richard Gulley -- brought a dough bowl of bass woo. He also had a sign made of oak he made for a friend.

Meeting adjourned by President Paul Fulks.