Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
April Meeting
April 18, 2017

Meeting called to order by V.P. Jack Kincella at 6;30 pm.

No guest this meeting.

Carvers meet 1st and 3rd Saturday of month 8;30-10:30 at Jim Jolliffe's shop

Schedule programs:
May – Mike Zinser – State Woodworkers
June -

Upcoming Events:
Two seminars TBA – carving and furniture
May 20th – Tom Cowan Memorial Turning Bee – Larry Wendland's shop
June 3rd - Club Picnic – Falls Mill Belvidere
Oct 14 - Tims Ford Heritage Day
Dec TBA- Christmas Dinner

Jack Kincella reported giving back program successful.

Jack introduced Beverly Boyles Lee from the Hands on Science Center. She spoke of what the center does and their needs. August 19th anniversary celebration of 22 years. On May 3rd all have a chance to participate in “Big Payback” letting you donate to different charities. Information on this and on the center is available on their website hosc.org.

Vince Zaccardi told club Denise of The Celtic Cup is looking for someone to make bobbins for lace making.

Paul Jalbert showed Wood Spirit carving made for Tims Ford Heritage Day. Made of popular and finished with spar urethane.
Jack Tate displayed a pretty box made by gluing walnut, cherry, maple together. Finished with polyurethane.
Gary Bennett had a bowl made of spalted cherry with trim made from S. Dakota colored plywood used for gun stock, Lid made of cherry and mahogany. Finish with tung oil.
Gary Ruyon brought in threaded needle boxes with decorations and a pill box. Made from cherry and dogwood; finish Dr, Wood.
John Hartin showed a couple bowls. One nice bowl made from silver maple and finished with lacquer. Another larger bowl with a rim. Bowl made of walnut crotch with lacquer finish.
Karen Browing had a natural edge bowl made with assistance from Doyle McConnell. Made of mimosa and lacquer finish.
Jim Accord had a nice little table made of cherry. He said he made a jig to make legs. Finish wipe on poly.
Jim Jolliffe had a face carving of bag pipe person. finished with deft semi-gloss - liquid wax.
Thomas Clark, a new member, brought in some picture frames he made several years ago. One he called his side mount as he removed a side of the frame and slide glass and picture in; very neat.
Bob Leonard brought 2 knives of wood with sheaths . Finished polyurethane.
Chuck Taylor showed a dish made of Wild Holly
John Hill had a large garden tower made of white oak and finished with poly.
Tony Murphy had some wood tools made of white oak finished with poly. Vise made of red oak, a mallard of white oak finish danish oil.
Loyd Ackerman displayed a plaque for the “Tom Cowan Memorial Turning Bee”

Program: Ronnie Young on Joinery
Ronnie a expert woodworker talked about and showed samples of different joints. He told the club a great reference is book “Cabinet Making For Beginners” from 1890. He made a point to use caution while operating power equipment, He said if it's late and tired don't work.
A good idea he said is make a mock up of joint you are trying for first time. He explained different joints: ˝ lap joint, miter joints, dovetail joints, and a number of others.
He showed a box he made using different joints. Ronnie then answered questions from members.

Meeting adjourned.