March 21, 2017 MEETING MINUTES

Meeting called to order by President Paul fulks at 6:30pm.

Guest: Thomas Clark New Member: Rick Reese

Next meeting: April 18 , 2017 Carvers Meet 1st and 3rd Sat 8:30-10:30am
Jim Jolliffe's Shop

Jack Kincella sick but sent message thanking members who donated to charity auctions.
Mickey Knowles said free walnut at Estill Springs Greenway, also Cedar available.
Judy Bennett reported on Ala club's intarsia workshop with Judy Gayle Roberts.

Upcoming meetings and events:
April 18th Ron Young Master Woodworker
May 16th Mike Zinser State Wood Turners
July 17th Al Sharp Premiere Wood Workers
2 seminars TBA * carving and furniture
May 20th Tom Cowan Memorial turning Bee Larry Wenlands shop
June 3rd Club Picnic Fall Mills Belvidere
Oct 14th Tims Ford Heritage Day
Dec tba Christmas Dinner

Doug Dunlap brought a yarn bowl made of 41 pieces of cherry, 2 knitting needles 1 cherry and 1 walnut finished with lacquer and steady rest to make needles.
Karen Browning showed 2 vases made of box elder enhanced by using marker soaked in alcohol and
lacquer finish. Also had bowl of box elder and lacquer finish.
Gary Runyon brought a number of threaded needle boxes. Made of different wood including KOA,
Red Bud, Cherry, Peach, and Dogwood. Some had woodburn designs.
Doyle McConnell showed a wedgie sled he made for cutting segments on table saw.
Judy Bennett had a couple pieces of intarsia made while in Florida. One a plaque of a hummingbird
of popular, cedar, and black walnut. A second was that of a truck made of walnut, maple,cedar, and cherry. She soaked steel wool in cider vinegar to help finish.
Gary Bennett showed pepper mill set made of cherry finished with tung oil. He had a bowl from the turning bee of mable finished with butcher block. Also had a segmented bowl of cherry finish butcher block.
Gary Pictures of dulcimer made for friend. Made of mahogany with cherry sides. Adjustable stand made of popular and finished with 12 coats gel poly.
Jim Accord showed picture of pine bench had for about 14 years. He then showed picture of new replacement bench he made of red oak and finished with poly.


Hugh and Cindy Orr of Orr Decor

Hugh and Cindy talked about why paint furniture, different methods, and how to enhance furniture.
They showed pictures of before and after pieces they have done. They explained chalk painting and why popular.
They also discussed distressing, antiquing, blending colors, washing methods. They said use imagination and right colors together.

Meeting adjourned.