President Paulk Fulks called meeting to order 6:30pm

Paul opened meeting by telling the club of the passing of Tom Cowan, a founding member of the club.
Members called Tom a mentor, a teacher, a great friend.

A proposal was put to the membership to name our turning bee “The Tom Cowan Memorial Turning Bee”. Passed unanimously.

Guest: Mark and Karen Riley

Coming Events:
March 21st – Karen Orr - Antiquing
April 18th - Ronald Young – Master Woodworker
May 20th - Tom Cowan Memorial Turning Bee – Larry Wendland's shop
June 3rd - Club Picnic – Falls Mill – Karen Browning Chairperson
Oct. 14th - Christmas Party – Decherd Nazarene Church – Karen Browning Chairperson
TBA - 2 Club Seminars – Carving and Furniture – Paul Jalbert and Pete Miller
March 18th – North Alabama Woodworkers Club host Judy Gale Roberts $20.00 fee
April 29-30th – Cornbread Festival South Pittsburgh. Contact Greg Meyers

Jack Kincella reported follow-up on last month's meeting with charity organizations.

Wood To Rockets – Pete Miller to represent club in Nashville for presentations. Pete showed a short slide show on making of these rockets.

Tony Murphy – Slide presentation of bar he is in process of making. Top is made of sassafras and walnut with the rest being white oak.
Paul Jalbert – A tool box made of cherry for Vince Zaccardi. Stated challenge was making rope handle. Has printed instructions on how to do handle and available to anyone.
Ross Roepke – Brought table top made of walnut and chittawood for Motlow auction.
Alan Odell – Had a couple little houses carved from cottonwood bark for gifts.
Vince Zaccardi – Showed a couple of turning tools made of ground steel. He made handle and said not economical to make.
Loyd Ackerman – Brought a box with ABC blocks.
Chuck Taylor – Showed a music box made of maple with a cherry top. Also a couple bowls of
holly roughed out showing how much they can warp.
Noel Johnson – Had a natural edge bowl of hickory and a maple bowl.
Martin Miller – Showed a round box with threads. Bottom of osage orange with design and top of cherry.
John Hartin – Showed a fairly large walnut bowl with laquer finish. He had a piece which was part of the rim of bowl that broke off changing the value of the bowl.

Karen Browning – Had a bowl made of cherry with teak oil finish. Also had a vase of cherry which she put a mirror and candle holder in.
Richard Gulley – Made nice sign “MY SHOP MY RULES” with different types of rulers.
Showed some Christmas ornaments, knbs made on cnc and a jar lid cover.
Greg Meyers – Showed a pretty little box he made with a student.

Howard Wright – Creator of the Monster Lathe

Mr. Wright who now lives in theTullahoma area is from Detroit, Michagan. He has been turning since he was nine years old and is self*taught. He presented a slide show showing his monster lathe and items he made on it. He said he likes making unusual pieces. He also talked about turning alabaster.

He said this is a difficult material to turn but is very satisfaing. He showed slides of some things he turned. He showed items he brought with him made on the monster lathe and some alabaster items.

Meeting Adjourned.