January 17, 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order by Jack Kincella Vice President at 6:30pm.
President Paul Faulks not present(sick). Ken Burgess recovering from heart attack. Also Tom Cowan in hospital. Sending card around for members to sign and send to Tom Cowan.
Guests from Stone River Club Robert Woolfork and Mike Warren.
Membership dues: 63% members paid. Woodcarvers meet at Jim Jolliffee shop 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.
Programs: Feb. 21st Howard Wright creator of monster lathe for turning. Mar. 21st Cindy Orr of Orr Decor on antiquing furniture and painting process. Apr. 18th Ronnie Young from Chattanooga for a wood working program. TBA 2 Seminars: Carving chaired by Paul Jalbert & wood working chaired by Pete Miller Turning Bee May 20th at Larry Wendland's shop Oct 14th Heritage Days at Tim Ford State Park. Chairmen Paul Jalbert and Vince Zaccardi. Christmas Dinner Chairperson Karen Browning date and place TBD as Karen checking on possible going to Decherd Nazarene Church for the dinner.


 John Duvall brought in cherry bowls he made over the holidays. Bowls are Walnut and finished with oil.
Lytle Anderson showed a segmented bowl he made. Said this is his first and asked if anyone also making segmented bowls could give advice.
Loyd Ackerman brought 2 clocks made with the aid of CNC. One was finished with 2 coats of oil and then sprayed with lacquer the other to be finished also with oil and lacquer.
Bob Addington had a cutting board he thinks is cherry and only finished with mineral spirits.
John Hartin showed a pretty bowl he made from box elder. He used a design tool on the bottom to add to the looks. Finished with lacquer.
Ross Roepke showed few different items: 1. Methodist emblem made of walnut and Honduras Mahogany. He used red dye to enhance. 2. Oak table top made for benefit auction not finished. 3. Table top also for benefit auction. Made with mahogany surrounding lace wood not finished.
Jim Accord brought in a wooden mallet. Handle made of Black Locust and head of Maple. Finished with wipe on poly.
Rowland Bussler showed a segmented bowl. Said this was his second attempt and looked good. Bowl made of pecan and oak and finished with paste wax.
Mickey Knowles brought 2 bowls. One cherry and one of soft maple from the turning bee. Finish with sanding sealer and Brie Wax.
Vince Zaccardi brought a few bowls. A small bowl made of walnut finish spray on lacquer. One bowl of Ash, finished with early American stain and spray lacquer. Another bowl Made from a cherry root finished with Lind seed oil and mineral spirits. He also had a large natural edge bowl of ambrosia maple and finished with spray lacquer.


John Hartin explained the program would be giving back to the community. He talked about donating to a worthy cause by donating items that organizations could use to raise funds. He said he would introduce people representing 4 organizations who benefit from these donations.
Trinity Care Center. Elaine and Bob Huffines Provide information that the center is an adult day care providing a facility caring for those who are not able to be alone. Located in Tullahoma the center services surrounding counties. Phone: 931-455-0755
Motlow College Foundation and Partners for Healing. Lane Yoder spoke to club about the work of these organizations. She also explained how members of the club have donated in the past and the funds raised from these donations. 931-393-1692
The Book Shelf of the Literacy Council. Dot Watson (Book Store Manager) that they operate a used book store in the Northgate Mall. She explained that through their organization they provide support for adult education. One of their needs now is storage space. 931-273-8001
In summation all the organizations appreciated the time the club provided and the support they are getting. John finished by stating that we all can find a way to help.

Meeting adjourned.