Minutes of the December 20, 2016 Tennessee Valley Woodworkers Club

Recorded by Eric Strotheide, Secretary

The meeting was opened by Club President Paul Fulks at 6:30 pm.

Paul gave us a memorable lecture on how the Christmas as we know it today would not be, if it were not for several works of Victorian literature which changed the way Christmas was envisioned in the eyes of the American and Europe.  Christmas was first officially recognized as a federal holiday in 1870.

Our guests tonight are Mark Rivera and Patricia Brown.

Jack Kincella told us of how the wheel chair ramp project went, and how Vince Ziccardi took so well to the sawsall saw.  He also told us of the taping of the Tullahoma cable show on the workings of the wood club.  This can now be viewed on the club website.

Paul Jalbert reminded us all of the upcoming dues of $10 for the next year.

The carvers corner will meet at Jim Jolliffe's shop on the first and third Saturday of each month.

The club Christmas dinner held on December 8th at Boskeys Grill was enjoyed by all those who were in attendance.


Bob Reece brought in a candle stick he had made, one of 19, with an intricate pattern in the stem.  It tool him 6 days to get them all glued up before he could turn the.the were from walnut and maple.  His wife Rita brought in a lamb Bob had made in the past years, copying the workings of a buggy Jack.  This made the lamp to be able to be raised from a regular lamp into a reading lamp of various heights.

Doug Dunlap showed us 2 pepper mills he had turned from segmented pieces he glued together, one of which had 193 pieces.  They were from walnut and cherry, and black gum and walnut, and finished in lacquer.

Gary Runyun brought in several turned wood bowls, one 14" bowl from  muskeet wood, one from Osage orange, and a natural edge bowl from a redbud burl.

Johnnie Brown brought in a case of his turned pens of various sizes, shapes, and from different kinds of woods.  He also shared with us on how he used several different attachments to help him make them, and where he bought them.  He also warned us on the dangers first hand he experienced with CA glue.

Doyle McConnell brought in a trap door flint lock musket he had made in the past. It was a beautiful piece he hand crafted from cherry and finished with tung oil.

Darryl Albert brought in a bowl and a candle holder he made from chittum wood, both finished with wax and walnut oil.

Ross Roepke brought in an scroll saw worked sled made from a past club member Dan Helton.

John Harton brought in a 6" bowl he had picked up from New Zeland.  It was made from cowary wood, and was approx 20-50 thousand years old.

Bill Guffrey brought in 5 boxes he made with inlay work from cherry, walnut, and maple woods.

Bob Leonard brought in many fine examples of his fine wooden knives, alongside with the wooden sheaths, all made from various woods, as well as 2 small carvings he done in the past.

Mickey Knowles showed us the intricate wooden inlayed box he had made.  It took him over 40 hours work to complete it.  It was filled with other things he had made for the holidays, like tops, bottle stoppers, and Christmas ornaments.  It was made from walnut, holly, and mahogany. It was finished with a sanding sealer and lacquer.

Vince Ziccardi brought in a fine natural edge bowl, that unfortunately had broken and cracked while being finished on the lathe.

John Duval brought in a 10" bowl he turned from a piece of hackberry.