Minutes of November 15, 2016 General Meeting

Recorded by Secretary Eric Strotheide

The meeting was opened by Club President Paul Fulks at 6:30 pm.

Paul continued last months opening history lecture on tool marks by talking about the saw. Saws made of soft metals could only cut on the pull stroke. And saws went hand in hand with the construction of the wheel.

Guests tonight were Rick Reese and Mike Warren.

Dues of $10 are to be paid for next year to Paul Jalbert.

The Carvers Corner will meet on the first and third Saturday of each month at Jim Jolliffe's shop.

Paul told us about Tom Cowan being sick from an infection, and about Karen Browning being away to take care of her parents.
We wish them both well.

Tonight’s program will be on toy making by Eric Strotheide and Pete Miller.
The club Christmas Party will be held Thursday, 12/8/2016. The cost will be $18.00 Each. Fellowship will be at 5:00 and Dinner at 6:00.
Last months turning seminar was held at Colin's Roan's shop.
The tool sale on October 29 was a success and may be held again in the Spring.
The Rockets for the TCCY group are all ready, and will be delivered ahead oh schedule.

New Officers were elected for the next year.
President, Paul Fulks
Vice President, Jack Kincella
Secretary, Joe Ferraro
Treasurer, Paul Jalbert
Membership Chairman, Chuck Taylor
Web Editor Loyd Ackerman

Jack Kincella talked to us about next month’s program being on charitable contributions you can make with things you make.
The club will be installing a wheelchair ramp in Tullahoma using the profits make from the Door Project from the Summer.
There will be a business meeting on December 5 with local business members, and club members are encouraged to visit.


Jim Everett brought in an intarsia eagle plaque he has been working on.

Vince Zaccardi showed us the fennels he was asked to duplicate. With Tom Cowan's help, he was able to do then, and had Jack Kincella to help him with the color matching.

Doug Dunlap had watched Doyle McConnell turn a wooden sphere, so he tried and succeeded by turning his own. He then turned a segmented sphere, and the end pieces needed to turn more spheres.

Pete Miller brought in some of his beautiful pens he turned, and shared with us a process to paint them. He also showed us the Fire Truck he made for his grandson with the help of Eric Strotheide.

Colin's Roan showed us the 2 oak spindles he is turning for a bed he is making, with some help from Doyle McConnell.

Johnnie Brown brought in the train set he had made over 25 years ago for his grandchildren. There were 2 engines, several different
cars, and a caboose. They still look as good today as when they were made. He also has a car and a truck he had made years ago.

Joe Farrero brought in a bowl he had turned with Doyle's help. It is from red maple finished with a wax finish.

Gary Runyon brought in a spindle holder he turned from red bud, and finished with wood turners finish. He also brought in a small turned storage box he turned from cherry. He showed us several pictures of a storage rack he made to store dye on using sassafras and cherry, made with sliding dovetails.

Chuck Taylor brought in a glass topped recipe book storage cabinet. It included a stop henge for safe opening. It was made from cherry and finished with satin lacquer. He also made a set of ABC blocks for his grandchild, made from Bradford pear, finished with a satin lacquer.

Jim Jolliffe brought in 2 carved pieces, one of Jack-O-lanterns, and one of pumpkins, both carved from cottonwood bark. They were decorated with wood burnt details, and had a satin finish.

Jeff Rohm brought in his daughters guitar he had replaced the front and back on with black walnut. He also replaced the peg head. It was finished with a UV cured polyester.

Felix Rees small toy truck he had made for his great grandson. It was made from oak.


Tonight’s program was presented by Eric Strotheide and Pete Miller on how to make toys. He had brought in several toys he had made, and showed us the process he used to make them. He showed us how he used templates to make some of the parts, how he chooses the wheel size when he is making a piece from a picture to determine how large the piece is to be. He showed us where he gets his supplies and plans, and how he uses different tools to get the finished product. He also helped Pete Miller make a fire truck, and Pete then took over the program by telling us how he made it, and what he had learned in making it.