Minutes for the July 19, 2016 meeting of the Tennessee Valley Wood Workers Club

Recorded by Eric Strotheide, Secretary


The meeting was opened by Club President Paul Fulks at 6:30pm


Paul Fulks gave another interesting history lesson, this month on the origin of the name of the state of Tennessee.  It was a Cherokee word, Tanasi, that the name came from, meaning "bend in the river", or "place where the river bends."  


This months guests are Dan Knotts from Winchester, Marvin Miller and Larry Ward, both from stones Rivet, and Bill & Ann Stokes from Estill Springs.


A reminder was given about the Carvers Corner, with bi-monthly meetings on the first and third Saturday of each month at Jim Jolliffe's work shop. 


The club has decided to go ahead with the request to make the awards for the meeting of the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth.

They will be in the shape of a 50's era rocket ship.  There will be a meeting at Tom Cowan's shop to discuss who will be involved and what parts they will be building.


This years upcoming programs:

Shop tours will start again in September

Coffee County Fair  September 17-24

Turning Seminar at Collin Roans shop   October 22

Christmas Dinner at Boskeys Bar & Grill. December 8


Bob Stancil announced he is moving and showed pictures of all his shop equipment he will be selling.


The Atlanta Wood Workers Fair will be held on August 24-27 at the Atlanta Convention Center




Doug Dunlap started us off by bringing in several bowls he had turned from pecan wood.  They were approx 4-5 inches wide, and finished in a lacquer.

Jim Everett brought in several of his intarsia creations.  One was a lamp and matching      Coat rack, covered with antlers to hang the coat on,, one piece featuring an old revolver, one a girl with a dulcimer, and one of a hummingbird.  They were finished with Minwax polyacrylic.

Gary Runyan showed us a Japinesse styled storage box he brought.  It was made from ambrosia maple he had bought at David Ashley saw mill in Elora.  The finished it with 3 coats of antique oil. He also brought in a brown, approx 3 inches in diameter he turned from a red bud burl, and finished with a shellac.

Bob Addington brought in sexier all Han held rolling back massagers he made with his CNC machine

Jim McClure brought in a set of turned salt and pepper mills he had made from pear wood,  using a lighter wood for the salt, and darker for the pepper.  They are unfinished at this time.

John Harton gave a brief demonstration on how to best choose a piece of wood to get the best results when turning a bowl

Mickey Knowles brought in several walnut bowls he turned, finished with a cellulose sealer.

Garry Bennett brought in a variety of turned bowls, from cherry, walnut, and other woods, and finished in a variety of finishes.


Main Program


Tom Cowan, a founding member of this club, likes to tell us how easy wood working is, but very few of us can come near to the skill he possesses.  He again showed us his skill of furniture making, but this time, he showed us how to make miniature furniture.  Not just smaller, but accurately reduced in scale in every dimension.

He gave a quick talk as to why miniature furniture was first made, and what kinds of tools are needed to make them.  He showed us how he will reduce the patterns to be able to accurately make a piece to look like its larger cousin, but just smaller in every way.