Minutes of the May 17, 2016 Tennessee Valley Wood Workers Club

Recorded by Eric Strotheide, Secretary 


Paul Fulks opened the meeting at 6:30pm.  He started us off with a quick history lesson on shellac, and briefly covered it's uses in medicine, cosmetics, and as a finish.


Our guests for this month are Henry Phillips, Logan Hickerson, Jack Tate, Ken Campbell, Jerry Hitchcock, and Kevin & Melody Kellly


An invitation was given to come to the Artisan Depot in Cowan to meet and greet Ken Gould and see all of the other works on display at a Artistic Blacksmithing and woodworking display.


A reminder about the Carvers Corner which meets on the first and third weekend every month at Jim Jolliffe's shop.


Future programs:

Two shop yours are planned for Saturday, May 21.  Everyone wishing to attend should meet at the Burger King restaurant in Manchester at 8am. There will be a demonstration on how to turn a candle holder at the first shop.  The second demonstration will be on turning a pepper mill.


The auction held at Falls Mill during the annual club picnic raised a total of $582 with 35 items being given by club members for the auction.


The annual Turning Bee will be held on June 25 at Larry Wentlands shop.  Attendees are asked to. Bring their own lunch, while drinks and a desert will be provided.  There will be no charge for attending this seminar.


The club will again be involved at the Coffee County Fair, which will be held on September 17-24.  Members with any questions should contact Doyle McConnell.


A turning seminal will be held on Saturday, October 2, in Hillsboro, TN.  Tom Cowan and Vince Lombardi are overseeing the event.


The annual Christmas Dinner will be half again at Boskeys restaurant on December 8.


Paul Fulks and Eric Strotheide attended the Lions Club in Shelbyville, and gave a short program about our club, with hopes of getting new members involved with the grout he 35th Mid South Wood Carving Show will be held in Huntsville AL on November 5th & 6th at the Jaycee Building.




Tom Cowan brought in pictures of a grandfather clock he had made from white oak, mahogany, and other woods with a beautiful inlay pattern on the door, and pictures of a cellarete  he had made.


Doug Dunlap showed us a segmented lamp he had turned in the lathe made from 111 pieces of wood, the turned to show a beautiful pattern, made from oak and cherry, and finished with lacquer.


Ross Roepke brought in a box me made, with the lid being the main focus.  It was made from a piece of wood from an antique pump organ, with a decoration pressed into the wood, made from walnut, and a box made from crown molding, with a fennel made by  Doyle McConnell.


Judy Bennett brought in a intarsia she made of a wood spirit, made from one piece of wood. It had a lot of hand carved detail, and was made from poplar, and finished with Spar urethane.


Gary Bennett brought in several bowels he had turned while in Florida. One was a segmented bowl, made from cherry with a flat bottom, one was a flat bottomed bowl made from cedar, and one segmented bowl showed off a chain design, made from chestnut, maple and walnut, and all were finished with butcher block oil.


John Harton brought in a bowl and a chalice he had turned to show us about the golden ratio.


Greg Meyers brought in a beautiful cross he cut out with his scroll saw.  He used a pattern he found in a magazine, and was made from yellow heart and walnut woods.


Jim Everett brought in 2 pieces of his intarsia work, both of which are military inspired.  The first one depicts a older soldiers giving his old Army hat to a boy in front of a military monument, and the second is of a bald eagle frying in front of an American Flag.


Bob Reese showed us his violin he crafted, using spruce wood for the top, which might be up to 300 yrs old.  He thought at first it might have been red wood, but tests showed it to be spruce.  It was made from several different types of including pine, cedar, and spruce, and finished with varnish.  His wife Rheta then played us a beautiful tune on the violin.


Chuck Taylor brought in several turned bowls and vases he had made. One 6 inch bowl was made from rosewood, one vase was made from Apple wood, and one was made from maple.  They all were finished with varnish.


Doyle McConnell brought in 2 pepper mills, both made from spalted maple and finished with lacquer.



Jack Kincella gave us a talk about how to finish a piece when we are done with it, and how to refinish an old piece.  He covered all the steps it takes to achieve a beautiful and long lasting finish.  He covered all the steps, which are surface preparation, staining and glazing, the touch up process, different types of finishes, different waxes and oils, polyurethane, varnishes, shellac, and the various chemical reactions that can occur.