Minutes from February 16, 2006 Tennessee Valley Woodworks Club


The meeting was opened by Paul Fulks at 6:30 pm


A help request was brought up from the Falls Mill owners John & Jannie Lovett.  They are requesting help with video and photographs, to be able to make videos to be put on YouTube and other types of social media. They are also looking for people to help revamp their carding, spinning, and weaving displays.


Guests at this meeting were:

Thomas Moss

Mike Barnett 

Payton Taylor

Logan Hickerson

Henry Plillips

Buzz Buzzler


The wood carvers meetings were brought up reminding everyone their meetings take place on the 1st and 3rd Saturday at Jim Jolliffe's workshop.  His phone number is 931-393-2552.


The upcoming years events were given with the club picnic to be held on 5-21, the "Turning Bee" to be held on 6-25, the County Fair in September, and the clubs Christmas party to be held on 12-8.


Show and Tell

Bob Stancil brought in a turned spalted maple bowl finished with butcher block oil.


Doyle McConnell brought in some turned ashes/urns with threaded lids, made from spalted maple, with the fennels turned dark  

from a detail of putting steel wool in vinegar to make the wood turn dark.  He also brought in a turned bowl with a lacquer finish.


Bob Addington brought in a bread board he had made with his CNC machine, and a plaque also made on the CNC machine with dogs and cats on it, along with a walnut bowl finished with 5 coats of lacquer.


Vince Zaccardi brought in a turned bowl, and he was not sure what what type of wood it was.  It was finished with an oil finish and paste wax.  He also brought in a larger bowl made from box elder, finished with paste wax.


Pete Miller brought in several knives he had made the handles for before assembling the completed knife.  They were from different types of woods, with  the handles glued on with epoxy.  He then filled in the holes with resin and finished them with Danish oil.


Chuck Taylor brought in several pens he had made for members of his family, and some vases he had turned, all from the same dogwood tree.  He signed them and them finished them with a lacquer finish.


Paul Walters showed us his miniature and full sized cowboy hats, and a two sided platter, along with the many different types of jigs it takes to make the hats.


Main Presentation 

Paul Walters and Jeff from Klingspor gave an interesting Q and A talk about all kinds of sandpaper their company makes, and on how  to use the correct type of abrasive paper for different applications.  They also taught us the correct way to store the abrasive belts to help prolong their life.

Paul Walters then gave us a great demonstration on how he is able to turn his cowboy hats on a laythe, along with how to make all of the different jigs needed in making the hats.