Minutes for the Tennessee Valley Woodworks Club

President Paul Fulks opened the meeting at 6:30, January 19, 2016
The computer site of the month was CNCNUTZ, which can be seen on YouTube, and was recommended by Richard Gulley.
-The wooden plane built by Howard Hughes company Hughes Aircraft, the the "Spruse Goose" was discussed about how it was made from different types of wood.
-Woodcraft in Chattanooga will be having a Red Box tool box sale on February 6, where if you bring in your tool box, it it fits in it, it will be on sale for 20% off.
-Guests this month are Doug Brown from Winchester, and Walter Bishop and his son Bill Bishop.
-Reminder, the Carvers Club meets on the 1st and the 3rd Saturday of the month at Jim Jolliffe's shop.
-programs for the upcoming meetings were stated.
-Shop Tours...contact Jack Kincella if you are interested in listing your shop for an upcoming tour.
-David Ashley has hand tools and planes for sale. You can contact him at 256-508-6051
-club events for the year are,
Turning Bee, tentative date of June 25
Club Picnic at Falls Mill
Seminar as of yet to be decided
Coffee County Fair
Christmas Dinner
Super Show and Tell


-Johnnie Brown brought in a beautiful fire truck he started in 2005, and after taking a break, finished it in 2015. It is constructed from walnut and maple. All totaled, he guesses it took him around 100 hours to build.
-John Kell brought in some coasters and holders made from cherry and walnut woods, bracelets also made from cherry and walnut, and pictures of some furniture made from hickory.
-Ross Roepke brought in some examples of an easy to make holder to keep your work of of the bench while it is being stained. It was made from pine.
-Vince Zaccardi brought in several bowls he had turned on the lathe, some as an experiment.
One was from an unknown wood, one was turned from heaven wood. I was finished with a wax.
-Geoff Roehm brought in a hand made guitar he handcrafted from several different woods, some were spruce and mahogany and finished with a UV polyester.
-Richard Gulley brought in a "climbing monkey" toy that climbs up a rope he had made from oak, and a picture craved out of Corian material on his CNC machine. He also hand made the frame in which it was held, made from oak finished with 3 coats of polyester mixed with mineral spirits. It was back lit from a coil of LED lights.
-Dennis Urbanczik, a new member brought in a bench made from white oak, featuring false mortise and tenons, and finished with dark walnut stain and Sherman Williams wood finish.
-Jim Everett showed pictures of double doors he made featuring a horse, put together in intarsia style. He designed it so when the doors were closed, the horses muzzles would overlap.
-Greg Meyers brought in a "dizzy" bowl, whisk was first cut on the band saw, reglued, and then turned on the lathe.

The main presentation was presented after a 10 minute break.
Geoff Roehm gave a presentation an how a hand built guitar was made. He showed us how different types of clamps were hand made also to help in gluing all of the many complex parts, that in the hands of the master craftsman Geoff, came together to become not only a beautiful piece of art, but also a beautiful sounding instrument. He also covered aspects of hardening the tools, cutting, shaping, sanding, and finishing fine hand made instruments.