Tn. Valley Woodworkers Club Minutes- Dec.15,2015                                 

President Paul Fulks opened the meeting at 6:30 PM.

He said that Richard Gulley recomended on U-Tube with plans for woodworking, design, tools, projects, dust collecting, etc.

Guests were: Paul Credle from Tullahoma, Kelly Gibson from Winchester,and Jay Powers from Estill Springs.

There are 138 members in the club and annual dues of $10.00 for 2016 are due now.

The carvers meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at Jim Jolliffe's shop.

Tonight's program is a Super Show and Tell.

Vice President Pete Miller told of the 2016 programs as follows:

Jan. Geoff Roehm will show how to use a computer to make project plans.

Feb.-Paul Walters will talk about abrasives and sandpaper uses.

March- Dave Sharp will talk about relief carving.

April- Ron Young will talk about building a cellarette (a wine case).

May- Jack Kincella will talk about finishing wood projects.

June- Matt Brothers will do a program.

August-Paul Jalbert will talk about sign carving.

Sept.- Ross Roepke will talk about making boxes.

oct.-Eric Strothides will talk about making wooden toys.

Nov.-Wayne Loveless will talk about the KREG joinery system.

Dec. is our annual Super Show and tell.

Paul Fulks mentioned the passing of members Milner Carden and Norma Roepke.

The Nov.28,2015 shop tour was held at Mike Addington's shop and Bob Addington operated the TIMBER KING saw mill in the separate building next to Mike's shop.

The 30th anniversary celebration and Christmas party was held at Bosky's restaurant at Willow Brook golf course on Dec. 10,2015 and was a huge success.

It was recomended that this should be our venue for the annual Christmas party each year.

Paul Fulks mentioned David Ashley (from the Huntsville, Ala. woodworking club) has many of his brother's woodworking tools for sale at 50% of list cost & the phone no. is 256-508-6051.