Tn. Valley Woodworker's Club Minutes - August 18, 2015-                          Paul Fulkes opened the meeting at 6:32 PM and told us about a form for the 34th Woodworkers show in Huntsville, Alabama on Nov.7-8,2015. Guests were: Alf Sharp, Patricia Brown, Levon and Eulalia Jones.

Paul Jalbert gave us a treasurer's report for the past ten years, and we should end up this year around $4,000.00 after expenses of the remaining programs, and the anniversary celebration. The present balance is $ 4,793.38.

The carvers meet on th 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at Jim Jolliffe's shop (931-393-2552).

Paul fulks told us the story of Sycamore Shoals, 1775 and the Transylvania Purchase, Daniel Boone and the Cumberland Gap, and the Battle of King' Mountain. Wood from a Large Oak tree at Sycamore Shoals was saved and Alf Sharp used it to make a long bench that is in the Tenn. State Governor's office. He will give tonoght's program on making period furniture for different people, as well as the Hermitage in Nashville,Tenn.                                             

September 15, 2015 Doyle McConnell will show how to turn wooden Christmas gifts (at UTSI meeting).

Sept 19-26,2015 is the Coffee County Fair in Manchester - see Doyle McConnell for details.

Oct 20,2015 Tom Cowan, Pete Miller, and Mickey Knowles will do a program on wood and stained glass.

Shop tours will be discussed at the Sept.15 meeting.

The 30th Anniversary and Christmas celebration was discussed and Boskey's restaurant at Willow Brook golf course out from Manchester was chosen with $15.00 per person for the meal and 5:00 PM start and 6:00 PM meal and program to follow.