Tn Valley Woodworkers Club Minutes-            June 16, 2015  


Chairman Paul fulks opened the meeting at 6:32 pm. He mentioned the web site (square wood gears), and also the book " Mechanical marvels in wood ". Guests were Ken Funk, Judy Brown, Mark Brothers, Carter Henley, and Sam Lemons. The carvers meet on the 1st Sat. of the month at Jim Joliffe's shop. He(Jim Joliffee)  will bring the July program on carving the human face and human form. The club picnic at Falls Mill was a big success and John Hartin was the auctioneer, and did a great job.($455.00 was raised at the picnic and there were 45 people in attendance). August's program will be presented by Alf Sharp. The Summer Seminar on July 18,2015 will be presented by Tom Cowan and Vince Zacardi at the Cowan Fine Arts Center. (3 hours by Wayne Loveless on wood turning and 3 hours by Larry Ridge on carving carousel animals). Sept. 19-26 The Coffee County fair in Manchester (see Doyle McConnell). Finally the combined 30th Anniversary and Christmas Party Celebration will be held in Nov-Dec time frame. Details to be determined later.    The Program was presented by Carter Henley on how he built a 1906 Ford motor car out of wood and metal that he got from several companies, and used pictures from the internet to make his own scaled plans with which to build the car.