Tenn  Valley Woodworkers Club Meeting- May 19, 2015     MINUTES                                          

  Chairman Paul Fulkes opened the meeting at 6;32 PM 

He said that Phil Myers had some box elder wood to give away (phone 931 315-0066). He said that Woodgears on Google to be shared with club members (building traps for carpenter bees).

The guests were Nellie Leonard, John Mines, Willie and Justin Burnesky, Noel Johnson, Bob Pope and Blue Pau.

The carvers meet at Jim Jolliffs on the first Saturday of the month.

Programs announced by Pete Miller:      


Turning Bee: There were 16 people at the "turning bee" at Larry Wendlands shop and it was a big success.

June 6,2015 the annual picnic and auction at Falls Mill in Belvedere

There will be a Summer Seminar at the Cowan Arts Center - Tom Cowan and Vince Zacardi will be the hosts.

The last thing will be in December with the 30 th Anniversary club celebration and Christmas party, with date and place to be determined later.                                                                                                             

The Program was presented by Greg Eising from Pro-Am Hardwood in Fayeteville. The tree of heaven wood and  Atlantis wood were discussed - He used a slide show to explain how to dry wood by air or by kiln and can be reached at (931) 993-8994.