Tennessee Valley Woodworkers' Club

                                        January 20, 2015


 President Paul Fulks opened the meeting at 7:03 p.m.    Special guests from Briggs Paint in Manchester were Joe Tucker and Bob Wood.  Other guests were Dean Northcutt, Manchester;  Melissa Gulley, Decherd; Sherman Bates, Manchester; and Mike Avery, Manchester.

Treasurer Paul Jalbert stated he is taking up the $l0.00 dues.  To date forty-five per cent of our members have paid.

 The next meeting for the carvers will be the first Saturday at Jim Jolliffe's home.  Anyone interested in attending this session should call Dick Wollum at 931-962-1378.

 Vice President Pete Miller has lined up our first three programs.

Paul Fulks passed out a sign-up sheet for volunteers for shop tours.  

August Dobert is now in charge of the library.

 Scheduled Events

1.   May  9,  2015 - Turning Bee at Larry Wendland's shop. (Telephone:  931-563-7445)

2.    May 25, 26, and 27 Cornbread Festival at South Pittsburg. Carvers may participate.  Contact Dick Wollum (Telephone: 931-962-1378).

3.  June 6, 2015 - Club Picnic at Falls Mill (near Belvidere)  Chairperson TBA.

4.  July  Summer Seminar TBA - Wayne Loveless, Chattanooga Woodcraft Store and two carvers of  carousel horses in Cowan will be presenters.   Contact Tom Cowan (931-308-9622) or Vince Zaccardi (931-455-4148).

5.  September 19-26   - Coffee County Fair,  Coffee County Fairgrounds.    Contact Doyle McConnell (931-728-7315).

6. 2015 Anniversary Celebration and Christmas Party   Time and Location TBA.

7.  Shop Tours throughout 2015

8.  Panoply in Huntsville TBA.

 Show and Tell


 Joe Tucker's program highlighted Lenmar Fine Wood Finishes.  Six different types of lacquers, stains, sealers, glazes, solvents , etc., were discussed.  Paul Faulks mentioned this was the best presentations on finishes he has seen at the club.


Paul Fulks presented Karen Browning a black-framed service award for approximately three years.    The club gave Karen a "live center" gift.

 Coming programs:

"Sketchup" by Loyd Ackerman - Februray 17

Outside program:

Franklin, TN., Woodcraft Store - March 21 - inlay (Federal-Style Oval).   Tom Cowan will be a presenter.

The meeting was adjourned by the President.