Meeting date: June 17, 2014

Location: UTSI

President Karen Browning opened the meeting @7:00 PM

Guests: Eric Strotheide and Derek Sawyer.

New members: Eric Strotheide became a member at this meeting.

Member concerns: Phil Bishop is not doing well. He would appreciate cards and visits.

Upcoming events:

·        Heritage Festival is September 19-21, Cowan.

·        Segmented workshop scheduled for Aug. 2nd.


Show & Tell:

Henry Davis showed and discussed photos of a “Unity Cross” he built for his granddaughter’s wedding. It was built so that the cross could be assembled during the ceremony.

Jim Accord brought a cherry fountain pen he made for his wife’s birthday and some barbeque tools.

Jim Everett brought a plaque with a silhouette of a horse and rider, with a cross as a background.

Bob Addington discussed a box elder bowl that had beautiful coloring.

Karen Browning showed a maple bowl. She had filled some voids with coffee grounds.

Richard Gulley brought and discussed a finger-joint jig and a fancy CNC decorative shelf support. Richard has the plans for the jig, if you would like to build your own.

Bob Reece brought some sample round trivets that he was making for family gifts.

Loyd Ackerman brought a segmented goblet, made as practice for the upcoming segmented workshop. He also discussed a CNC designed “crazy clock”, based on a suggestion from Ross.

Doug Dunlap discussed Wood Magazine plans for Adirondack chair and how he made the “full-size” plan he used in creating the chair.

Doyle McConnell brought an Ambrosia maple bowl with a “high gloss” finish.

Paul Jalbert brought a “Lemay World II” driftwood sign. He found the wood plank floating in the lake.

Mickey Knowles showed a “fern” wood dish and a stained glass lamp he recently completed. The lamp was a copy of a Frank Loyd Wright creation. He took a “stained glass” class to make the lamp globe. The lamp was a combined effort with Tom Cowan. He also brought two small apple vases.

Tom Cowan        showed his lamp, also a copy of a Frank Loyd Wright creation. He and Mickey took a “stained glass” class to make the lamp globes.

Mike Addington brought a “Ralph Hand” type trunk.

Chuck Taylor      brought a cherry memory box with an ambrosia maple top insert and a small drawer. The box was made for a granddaughter’s wedding gift. He also displayed a box elder potpourri dish.

Program: The program was presented by Scott Tinker. His topic was “Hand Tool Usage”. Scott showed and discussed some “small details” that set projects apart from ordinary projects. He demonstrated how he added some of these details to his projects. He also discussed some of his “hand-made” tools for creating special details.