Minutes for September 18, 2012 meeting


*Members in attendance were 55


Guest: Floyd Corvin


President Vince Zaccardi called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

*New Members: No new members



            *Sign the Super Door Prize List

*Vince Zaccardi reminded all guest to sign to guest sheet.

            *General meeting always on the third Tuesday of each month

            *Carvers meeting are always the first Saturday of each month

*A clipboard was passed around for members to sign up for the grand door prize at the Christmas party.

*Vince Zaccardi reminded everyone to use the forum for new announcements and updated information.



* The North Alabama Woodcrafters announced that they were going to hold their first Turning Bee and that any member from TVWW was more than welcome to attend. 

 *Vince Zaccardi reminded everyone that elections of new officers were coming soon and that suggestions or volunteers for new club officers are needed.

*A letter was received from TFAC thanking the TVWW members who provided material and work in their repairs.

*A store in Tullahoma, Catalog Returns is looking for wood workers to repair damaged furniture.



*The Fall Seminar had been cancelled and a segmented bowl workshop has been put in its place on October 13th.  Loyd Ackerman will be teaching the aspects of laying out the design of a segmented bowl.  There will be no turning involved in this workshop.


Club events:

*The Tennessee State Park Celebration will be held at Tim Ford State Park on October 13th.

            *The Bell Buckle Fair will be held on October 21-23 2012.

            *Polly Crocket Festival in Cowan, TN will be held Sept 21 thru Sept 23 2012.

*Coffee County Fair will be held the week of September 17 thru 22.

            *Huntsville Show will be held on Nov 2 and 3, 2012.

*Christmas party will be held on December 7

*Exposition will be held at the University of the South inside the Sewanee Gallery on May 19-26, 2013.  Contact Paul Jalbert for additional information.

 Carvers Event:

            *Meetings are held at Phil Bishops shop the 1st Saturday of each month

*The Carvers will be going to the Bell Buckle Fair in Bell Buckle, TN. on October 20-21, 2012.

*Polly Crockett Festival will be held on September 14-16

*Huntsville show will be on November 2 and 3.


There was no old Business


New Business:

*Vince Zaccardi mentioned to the club membership of having a full day excursion to different locations of woodworking functions.  This would enable the members attending these functions to exchange ideas and gain additional woodworking knowledge.  Any ideas and or suggestions are being encouraged


Tonight’s Program is a presentation Stave Bowl construction by Jay Hazel.

            Jay started the presentation by stating that Stave Bowl construction is an excellent way of finding a use for all the pieces of scrape wood that is accumulated in your workshop.  All that is needed is 12 pieces of uniformly cut pieces to make the sides of the bowl.  Grain alignment will determine the height of the bowl.  By cutting a 15 degree angle on both sides of a piece of 4 inch stock will create a 12 inch bowl.  During the layout of the bowl it must be determined which type of edge you want to show for the top of the bowl, you will either have an edge grain or butt grain showing.  Regardless of which layout is used Jay advises to use Tight 3 wood glue.  It sets up relatively quick and creates a strong waterproof bond.  If the end grain is being glued together then be sure to coat the surfaces with at least 3 coats of glue due to it being absorbed into the grain.

            Once the cylinder of bowl is glued up then use a piece of MDF stock as a waste plate.  Jay explained that MDF can be purchased in 12” widths and makes for an inexpensive waste plate.  Glue the cylinder of the bowl to the waste plate and cut a rabbit joint into what will be the bottom of the bowl.  Be sure to cut the rabbit no deeper than what the bottom thickness of the bowl will be. The rabbit cut will also enable you to determine the thickness that you want to the sides of the bowl to be.  Then turn the bottom plate for the bowl to fit the rabbit that was cut earlier.  Once the plate is turned then glue it to the bowl cylinder using a gap filling glue.  Jay prefers epoxy type glue due to its gap filling properties and strength.  Once the glue has dried then finish turning the bottom and outside of the bowl.  Once completed then remove the waste plate and turn the inside of the bowl.  You now have a stave bowl.


Clamps to hold the cylinder of the bowl during glue up can be ordered from:


Show and Tell for the September meeting:


Kevin Deuermeyer- showed an Intarsia flower vast using 5 different woods to create the flower and vase.  He was donating this piece to the UTSI Benefit picnic

Loyd Ackerman- displayed a turned vase that he donated to the UTSI Benefit picnic.

Jim Everett- Showed several pieces of Intarsia that he had created one was of a horse buggy in a rural setting.  In order to obtain the black wood for the buggy in burned the wood with a torch.

Jay Hazel- displayed a couple of his stave bowls.

Ross Roepke- created a table from eucalypt wood.  Ross also donated a wooden box to the UTSI Benefit picnic.

Henry Davis- showed a Maple bowl which he donated to the UTSI Benefit picnic.  He had also made a quilt ladder from Maple for a quilting club.  Loyd Ackerman designed the project and Bob Addington applied the finish.

Vince Zaccardi- turned 2 bowls from cherry.

John Horton- had 2 bowls on made from soft maple and one from walnut.

John McCord- made a small butcher block type table from Maple and Cherry.  It was finished in mineral oil and min-wax.

Phil Bishop- displayed large wooden eagle that the wood carvers club was creating along with a power carving tool that had been purchased with club funds.

Paul Jalbert- had a slide show of the Boy Scout at a jamboree craving a grizzly bear.

Greg Meyers- displayed 3 pens that he had turned; he donated one of the pens to the UTSI Benefit picnic.

Ken Gould- showed a bowl that he had turned 6 years ago and it had been buried in his workshop all this time.  It was made from swamp maple.

Tom Gillard- showed a piece of wood that had been stained using roofing tar.  This was done to create an aged look to the wood.