Minutes for July 17, 2012 meeting


*Members in attendance are unknown at this time.



** Bernard Schroer, Huntsville, AL, Dab Bledsoe, Estill Springs, TN, Bill Guffy, Hillsboro, TN, Riley Earl, Decherd, TN.

New Members: Mike Thomason, Winchester, TN, Tom McGill, Winchester, TN, Bob Stancil, Woodbury, TN.

President Vince Zaccardi called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM



            *Sign the Super Door Prize List

*Vince Zaccardi reminded all guest to sign to guest sheet.

            *General meeting always on the third Tuesday of each month

            *Carvers meeting are always the first Saturday of each month

*A clipboard was passed around for members to sign up for the grand door prize at the Christmas party.

*Vince Zaccardi reminded everyone to use the forum for new announcements and updated information.



*August 14. 2012 is the first meeting of the North Alabama Woodcrafters club.  TVVW membership was asked if anyone would volunteer to help out in getting started.

 *Henry Davis said that the Turning Bee had been a huge success.  There were 29 people in attendance with 23 bowls being turned.

*Middle School Teachers need help in making whirly gigs.

*Vince Zaccardi was asking for suggestions for new club officers.

*Monteagle Arts and Craft fair will be held July 28 and 29.

*The Atlanta Manufactured Show is being held in Atlanta, GA. on August 22 / 25 2012.



*Tom Cowan stated that the Fall Seminar would be held on October 13, 2012.  Scott Tinker would present a program of “Finishing Process”.


Workshops: There is some interest in having a workshop for doing Inlaying, Sharpening Turning Tools, and working with different Jigs.


Club events:

            *The Bell Buckle Fair will be held on October 21-23 2012.

            *Coffee County Fair will be held the week of September 17 thru 22.

            *Christmas party will be held on December 7

*Exposition will be held at the University of the South inside the Sewanee Gallery on May 19-26, 2013.



Carvers Event:

            *Meetings are held at Phil Bishops shop the 1st Saturday of each month

*The Carvers will be going to the Bell Buckle Fair in Bell Buckle, TN. on October 20-21, 2012.

*Polly Crockett Festival will be held on September 14-16

*Huntsville show will be in December


There was no old Business


There was no new Business:

*There was an idea presented to the club membership of having a full day excursion to different locations of woodworking functions.  This would enable the members attending these functions to exchange ideas and gain additional woodworking knowledge.  Vince Zaccardi asked for opinions, ideas or any input on this subject.


Tonight’s Program is Early Cabinet making in TN presented by Chris Lang of Huntsville, AL.

            Mr. Lang presented a slide show of the Williamsburg Colony depicting Anthony Hayes wood shop.  The slides were of many of the different aspects of wood crafting of the early 18th century.  Mr. Lang explained many of the tools of that era and their uses in creating furniture and cabinet making.  As the nation grew and people began to migrate westward many of these craftsmen, along with their tools, moved into new locations such as Tennessee and Kentucky.  It was through this migration of craftsmen that a unique form of furniture making took hold in the Tennessee/Kentucky regions.  In these new locations there wasn’t access to specialized crafts as were in the larger eastern cities.  The migrated craftsmen were now doing everything themselves which formed the style of Early Tennessee furniture.

            Mr. Lang displayed a crafted box of antique tools that he uses in his work today of creating and refinishing early Tennessee Furniture.  He had demonstrated some of the tools and how they are used.  He had also explained what many of the tools were and what they were used for or what type of cutting aspect that it had.


            Show and Tell for the July meeting:

Richard Gulley presented a podium that was made for the UTSI Auditorium by club membersThe following members were involved in creating this fine piece of furniture for UTSI:

 Jay Hazel-made a floor lamp from turned Elm, he also turned a bowl from Box Elder.

John Duval- framed a large curved stain glass window that he had someone else make for him.  This window had taken almost a year to complete.

Bob Leonard-had craved a “Red Neck Moonshine Still” which included the still and moonshiners working.

Vince Zaccardi-showed rings that he had completed in the making of a segmented bowl.

Riley Earl- displayed a dolphin that he had created by using a scroll saw.

Doyle McConnell- showed a segmented pepper grinder that he had made maple he also displayed 10 Popular spindles that he had made for the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center.

Bob Addington- showed 6 bowls that he had turned creating a different bead on the bottom of each bowl.  This was done by using the Longworth chuck.

Micky Knowles- showed a turned a bowl from Box Elder.