Minutes for June 19, 2012 meeting


*Members in attendance are unknown at this time.



** Bob Sandle, Woodbury, TN. Stan McErwin, Murfreesboro, TN


New Members: No  New Members


President Vince Zaccardi called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM



            *Sign the Super Door Prize List

*Vince Zaccardi reminded all guest to sign to guest sheet.

            *General meeting always on the third Tuesday of each month

            *Carvers meeting are always the first Saturday of each month

*A clipboard was passed around for members to sign up for the grand door prize at the Christmas party.

*Vince Zaccardi reminded everyone to use the forum for new announcements and updated information.



*Greg Myers made comments of the Huntsville, AL area is creating wood working club.  He has asked the Tennessee Valley Wood Worker member to help out in forming this new club.  The first meeting will be August 14, 2012 and there after will be the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

*Henry Davis handed out a sign up sheet for the Turning Bee to be held on June 30. The sheet was for members interested in attending the event along with a column for members willing to help set-up and clean-up afterwards.  There will be a $10.00 fee to cover some expenses and food that will be served for attendees.

*The Flute Circle meets the last Tuesday at each month at Tom Cowan’s shop in Cowan, TN.  1PM-3PM.




*Tom Cowan stated that the Fall Seminar would be held on October 13, 2012.  Scott Tinker would present a program of “Finishing Process”.


Club events:

            *Turning Bee will be held June 30

            *The Spirit on the Square in Winchester, TN. on June 23, 2012.

            *The Bell Buckle Fair will be held on October 21-23 2012.

            *Coffee County Fair will be held the week of September 17 thru 22.

            *Christmas party will be held on December 7

*Exposition will be held at the University of the South inside the Sewanee Gallery on May 19-26, 2013.


Carvers Event:

            *Meetings are held at Phil Bishops shop the 1st Saturday of each month

*The Carvers will be going to the Bell Buckle Fair in Bell Buckle, TN. on October 20-21, 2012.

*Polly Crockett Festival will be held on September 14-16

*Huntsville show will be in December


There was no old Business


There was no new Business


The Program for the meeting was presented by Dr. Ben Spalding covering Metal Casting.

            The overall program was about the Lost Wax metal casting method.  This method consisted of using wax and molded clay to create molds for metal casting.  Dr. Spalding presented a slide show explaining how casting was done and the end results in a finished cast.  The molds were created with all the detail carved into them prior to the actual casting.  To be able to cast any type of metal, a furnace has to be built to obtain the high temperatures to melt the metal and pre-heat the molds.  After the metal has been poured and cooled then the casting is removed from the mold.  The cast is then examined for any imperfection and repairs are made.  The finished cast is then heated with a torch to bring out the desired coloration in the metal.  The cast is polished highlighting all the details or the piece of work that was created.


            Show and Tell for the June meeting:

Bob Reese- displayed a music stand that he had created from walnut.

Jay Hazel- had 3 bowls that he showed. One was of Box elder with a natural edge, another was a very spalded bowl made from hickory, and the third bowl was a stave bowl made from left over scrape wood.

Henry Davis- showed a maple bowl but was actually explaining how the bottom ring was developed.

Doyle McConnell- displayed a segmented bowl made from maple and a decorative band of spalded maple.

Greg Myers-had created a pepper mill from several different types of wood.

Ron Reimers-made 2 flutes from cherry wood and one from cedar.  These had been turned on the lath which was a new for him.

Karen Browning- show several different pieces of wood with geometric designs on them that could be incorporated in segmented bowl turning.

Newt Wright- showed a maple bowl that he had turned and explained the problems that he had in the process.

Paul Jalbert- displayed a 4’ x 3’pine wood relief carving that the Boy Scouts had all worked on.

Tom Cowan- presented pictures of a walnut desk that he had made.  This was a recreation of a desk from around 1812-1814.  This desk had 115’ feet if string inlay with numerous different inlays through out the desk.

Jeff Geoff- showed a piece that he had created from abalone  shell for the TN National Guard.

Jim Everett- showed some pictures of his completed project of a fireplace mantle that he had surrounded with his intarsia work.

Dan Maher-showed pictures of a gun cabinet that he had created from oak and all the glass had been etched.