Minutes for April 17, 2012 meeting


*Members in attendance 59.


**Gary Walker- Winchester, TN, Carol Johanson, Woodbury, TN.

 New Members:

            * No new members

 President Vince Zaccardi called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM


            *Sign the Super Door Prize List

            *General meeting always on the third Tuesday of each month

            *Carvers meeting are always the first Saturday of each month

*A clipboard was passed around for new ideas for addition seminars and events.

*Vince Zaccardi reminded everyone to use the forum for new announcements and updated information.


* Doyle McConnell spoke of the Murfreesboro club extending their shop tours to our members.   He talked about how well organized the tours were and thanked Jay Hazel

*There is one (1) piece of the Baltic Birch plywood available to the membership.

*Vince Zaccardi said that he still have a few Box Elder turning blanks available.

* A club survey was presented to all the members to complete and hand back in.

* A clip board was pasted around for addition suggestions for workshops for this year.

*Ken Gould spoke of how to recharge dead batteries for drill motors.



*Tom Cowan will have a seminar at his shop in April 21, 2012   Doyle McConnell and Tom Cowan will present the program dealing with wood turning.

*Plans are being made for a Fall Seminar.


Club events:

*Panoply will be held in Huntsville, Ala on April 26-29 it will be open to the public on April 27-29.   Greg Myers spoke about a schedule of events. 

            *Picnic will be held in May 26

            *Turning Bee will be held June 30

            *Coffee County Fair will be held the week of September 17 thru 22.

            *Christmas party will be held on December 7

*Exposition will be in the spring (April or May) of 2013. 


Carvers Event:

            *Meetings are held at Phil Bishops shop the 1st Saturday of each month

*Smithsonian Institution event is going on at this time.

            *Cornbread Festival will be at the April 28-29 at South Pittsburg, TN.

            *Dogwood Festival will be held on May 4-6

*Polly Crockett Festival will be held on September 14-16

*Huntsville show will be in December


There was no old Business

There was no new Business


The Program for the meeting was presented by Loyd Ackerman and Doyle McConnell which was an “Introduction to Wood Turning”.  The program was broken into two (2) parts with Loyd Ackerman speaking about the history of wood turning and how it developed through the ages.  He emphasized the aspects of turning and the speeds to use to create a safe environment.  In order to establish a safe speed Loyd introduced the club member the formula of (6000/bowl diameter=speed).  Wood turning was mainly for industry in the production of furniture and industrial uses.  It wasn’t till the late 70’s that the art of bowl turning caught on as a wood working hobby.  This was due to the introduction of wood lathes that were smaller in size and the cost was more affordable to the hobbyist.  Loyd showed several photos of lathes from the past to the present.

 Doyle McConnell spoke of mainly bowl turning and how it has caught on as a hobby.  He showed many photos from seminars in Provo, Utah and from the seminar held in Minn...  There were photos of bowl of all sizes, shapes and coloration.  He explained that creating objects from wood turning was only limited to the turners imagination and level of skill that they had developed over a period of time.

 Show and Tell for the April meeting:

 Paul Jalbert- showed a relief carving made from cherry of a woman with long flowing hair.

Vince Zaccardi- displayed a bowl made from cherry and a bowl made from box elder.  Both had been finished with a wax finish.

Jim Everett- showed an intarsia piece that he was making for a client.  This work was to be hung over a fire place mantle depicting a western theme of horses with a mountain background.

Ken Burgess- showed a carving of a face made from butternut.

Bob Addington- had two (2) praying hands and was explaining the difference in adjusting the speed of his CNC machine to improve the overall smoothness of the machine cuts.

Jay Hazel-showed a piece that he had made from Brazilian Redwood and a stick made from Osage-orange for his wife to protect her from dogs while she walks.

Jim Van Cleave- displayed a relief carving of a sunflower carved from basswood.

Larry Wendland- showed a bowl that had been carved from walnut.

Henry Davis- displayed a cherry bowl that was finished with Brie wax.

Harry May- displayed a full statue of an Indian made from cherry.  This had been a 2 year project.

Doug Dunlap- showed a bowl that he had turned from box elder.

Ron Riemers- displayed several flutes made from red cedar.  He explained how he was creating longer flutes to change the pitch.

Newt Wright- showed a flute that he had made from walnut.